Discourse theory and political analysis

Identities, Hegemonies and Social Change

Edited by David Howarth, Aletta J. Norval, Aletta Norval and Yannis Stavrakakis

Discourse theory and political analysis
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  • Publish Date: Aug 2000
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN: 978-0-7190-5664-2
    • Pages: 256
    • Price: £15.99
    • Published Date: August 2000


    One of the few books which systematically brings post-structuralist theory to bear on substantive political analysis. Offers accessible accounts of different strands of discourse theory such as deconstruction, psychoanalysis and genealogy, which are applied to the analysis of specific cases such as Northern Ireland and contemporary East European politics. Each chapter addresses a key theme and issue in contemporary politics. Draws on inspiration from Ernesto Laclau, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault and Jacques Lacan. Contains a clear introductory statement of the theoretical approach used and concludes with an assessment of the future directions of discourse theory in the social sciences.


    1. Introducing discourse theory and political analysis - David Howarth & Yannis Stavrakakis
    2. The political frontiers of the social Argentine politics after Peronism (1955-1973) - Sebastian Barros & Gustavo Castagnola
    3. Inter-war French Fascism and the Neo-Socialism of Marcel Deat: The emergence of a 'Third Way' - Steve Bastow
    4. New environmental movements and direct action protest: The campaign against Manchester Airport's second runway - Steven Griggs & David Howarth
    5. Provisionalism and the (im)possibility of justice in Northern Ireland - Anthony Clohesy
    6. The Mexican revolutionary mystique - Rosa Nidia Buenfil Burgos
    7. On the emergence of Green ideology: The dislocation factor in Green politics - Yannis Stavrakakis
    8. The construction of Romanian social democracy, 1989-1996 - Kevin Adamson
    9. Beyond being gay: The proliferation of political identities in Hong Kong - P. Sik-Ying Ho & A. Kat Tat Tsang
    10. The secret and the promise: Women's struggles in Chiapas - Neil Harvey & Chris Halverson
    11. The difficult emergence of a democratic imaginary: Black consciousness and non-racial democracy in South Africa - David Howarth
    12. Democracy as the limit of Kemalist hegemony - Nur Betul Celik
    13. Sex and the limits of discourse - Jason Glynos
    14. Future trajectories of research in discourse theory: Political frontiers, myths and imaginaries, hegemony - Aletta Norval


    David Howarth is Lecturer in Politics at the University of Essex and is currently Director of the Masters Programme in Ideology and Discourse Analysis in the Department of Government. Aletta J. Norval is Senior Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Sussex and Director of the Doctoral Programme in Ideology and Discourse Analysis. Yannis Stavrakakis teaches on the Ideology and Discourse Analysis Programme in the Department of Government at the University of Essex

    Discourse theory and political analysis

    Edited by David Howarth, Aletta J. Norval, Aletta Norval, Yannis Stavrakakis

    Paperback £15.99 / $23.95

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