The foreign policies of European Union member states

Edited by Ian Manners and Richard Whitman

The foreign policies of European Union member states

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  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0-7190-5779-3
  • Pages: 296
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
  • Price: £15.99
  • Published Date: February 2001
  • BIC Category: Society & social sciences / International relations, Society & social sciences / Politics & government, POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / General, POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / European, International relations, Politics & government, Politics


The only comparative analysis of the foreign policies of European Union member states. Examines those policies which are 'Europeanised' through the EU's processes and those policies which are retained or excluded from these processes. Analyses the dual impact of the Maastricht Treaty on the European Union, and the post-Cold War environment on the foreign policy processes of the EU's member states. Argues for a distinctive approach to the foreign policy analysis of EU states which recognises the fundamental changes that membership brings after the Cold War, but also acknowledges the diverse role of policies which states seek to retain or advance as being 'special'. All the empirical chapters are structured by six sets of explanatory questions.


Introduction: the state of the art in the study of EU Member States' foreign policies, Ian Manners and Richard Whitman.
Part one: primus inter pares?
2. France, Margaret Blunden
3. The United Kingdom, Anthony Forster
4. Germay, Lisbeth Aggestam
Part two: commonalities and differences
5. Italy, Antonio Missiroli
6. Spain, Paul Kennedy
7. The Netherlands and Belgium, Ben Soetendorp and Rik Coosaet
8. Greece, Dimitrios Kavakas
9. Portugal, Jose Magone
Part three: the (post-)neutral states?
10. Finland and Sweden, Lee Miles
11. Austria, David Phinnemore
12. Denmark & Ireland, Ben Tonra
13. Conclusion: a distinctive foreign policy analysis, Ian Manners and Richard Whitman.

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