The Scottish witch-hunt in context

Edited by Julian Goodare

The Scottish witch-hunt in context

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  • ISBN: 978-0-7190-6024-3
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  • Published Date: June 2002
  • BIC Category: Humanities / Early modern history: c 1450/1500 to c 1700, Humanities / Social & cultural history, Humanities / Witchcraft, Scotland, HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain / Scotland, HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain / Stuart Era (1603-1714), RELIGION / Wicca, European history, Scotland, Jacobean & Early Stuart era (1603–1649), The Restoration & Later Stuart era (1660–1714), Witchcraft, Early Modern History


A collection of essays on Scottish witchcraft and witch-hunting, which covers the whole period of the Scottish witch-hunt, from the mid-sixteenth century to the early eighteenth. Includes studies of particular witchcraft panics such as a reassessment of the role of King James VI. Covers a wide range of topics concerned with Scottish witch-hunting and places it in the context of other topics such as gender relations, folklore, magic and healing, and moral regulation by the church and state. Provides a comparative dimension of witch-hunting beyond Scotland - one on the global context, and one comparing Scotland with England. It is a showcase for the latest thinking on the subject and will be of interest to all scholars studying witchcraft in early modern Europe, as well as the general reader wanting to move beyond shallow and sensational accounts of a subject of compelling in.


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Notes on contributors
1. Introduction - Julian Goodare
2. The global context of the Scottish witch-hunt - Ronald Hutton
3. In search of the Devil in Fife witchcraft cases, 1560-1705 - Stuart MacDonald
4. The Scottish witchcraft panic of 1597 - Julian Goodare
5. The Devil and the domestic: witchcraft, quarrels and women's work in Scotland - Lauren Martin
6. Devices and directions: folk healing aspects of witchcraft practice in seventeenth-century Scotland - Joyce Miller
7. Hunting the rich witch in Scotland: high-status witchcraft suspects and their persecutors, 1590-1650 - Louise Yeoman
8. Witch-hunting and the Scottish state - Julian Goodare
9. The western witch-hunt of 1697-1700: the last major witch-hunt in Scotland - Michael Wasser
10. The decline and end of Scottish witch-hunting - Brian P. Levack
11. Witch-hunting, witchcraft and witch historiography: England and Scotland compared - James A. Sharpe
12. The last of the witches: the survival of Scottish witch belief - Edward J. Cowan and Lizanne Henderson
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Julian Goodare is Lecturer in Scottish History at the University of Edinburgh

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