Munitions of the mind

A history of propaganda (3rd ed.)

By Philip M. Taylor

Munitions of the mind

Book Information

  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0-7190-6767-9
  • Pages: 360
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
  • Price: £17.99
  • Published Date: July 2003
  • BIC Category: Humanities / Social & cultural history, Society & social sciences / Propaganda, Humanities / British & Irish history, Humanities / History, HISTORY / Military / General, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Propaganda, History, Military history, History


New edition of a classic work on the history of propaganda. Topical new chapters on the 1991 Gulf War, September 11 and terrorism. An ideal textbook for all international courses covering media and communication studies. Considers the history of propaganda and how it has become increasingly pervasive due to access to ever-complex and versatile media. Written in an accessible style and format, this book has proven its appeal to the general reader as the public becomes more and more cynical of the manipulations of the political sphere.


Preface to the Third Edition
Introduction Looking through a glass onion: Propaganda, psychological warfare and persuasion
Part One Propaganda in the Ancient World
1. In the beginning.
2. Ancient Greece
3. The glory that was Rome
Part Two Propaganda in the Middle Ages
4. The 'Dark Ages' to 1066
5. The Norman Conquest
6. The Chivalric Code
7. The Crusades
8. The Hundred Years War
Part Three Propaganda in the age of gunpowder and printing
9. The Gutenburg Galaxy
10. Renaissance warfare
11. The Reformation and the War of Religious Ideas
12. Tudor propaganda
13. The Thirty Years Way (1618-48)
14. The English Civil War (1642-6)
15. Louis XIV (1661-1715)
Part Four Propaganda in the age of revolutionary warfare
16. The Press as an agent of liberty
17. The American Revolution
18. The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars
19. War and public opinion in the nineteenth century
Part Five Propaganda in the age of Total War and Cold War
20. Warand the communications revolution
21. The First World War
22. The Bolshevik Revolution and the War of Ideologies (1917-39)
23. The Second World War
24. Propaganda, Cold War and the advent of the Television Age
Part six The New World Information Disorder
25. The Gulf War of 1991
26. Information age conflict in the post-Cold War era
27. The world after September 11th 2001
Bibliographical essay


Philip M. Taylor is Professor of International Communications at the University of Leeds

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