The Left and the European Constitution

From Laeken to Lisbon

Edited by Michael Holmes and Knut Roder

The Left and the European Constitution
Hardcover -
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  • ISBN: 9780719080838
  • Publish Date: Jan 2012
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN: 978-0-7190-8083-8
    • Pages: 256
    • Price: £90.00
    • Published Date: January 2012


    This book examines how the Left is affected by European integration. It starts from the rejection of the European Constitution in France and the Netherlands in 2005, in which left-wing parties played key roles. The book explores the level of pro- and anti-EU sentiment among left-wing parties. It discusses the left's reaction to the EU's neo-liberal policies such as Laval, the Lisbon Agenda and the Bolkestein Directive. It examines the extent to which parties are Europeanised or remain nationally-oriented. The book looks at parties from all three left-wing families -social democrats, left-socialists and left-greens. It contains case-studies of eleven EU member states, and also examines the left in the European Parliament. It provides a unique cross-national, cross-party evaluation of contemporary events.


    Preface: The Left and the European Constitution from Laeken to Lisbon, Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann
    1. The Left from Laeken to Lisbon. Michael Holmes and Knut Roder
    2. Left parties at the EU level: Influencing the Convention. Simon Lightfoot
    3. The Yes-No dichotomy of the French Left. Sally Marthaler
    4. The Dutch Left and European integration: Framing the Constitutional debate. Robert Harmsen
    5. Left parties and the European Constitution in Spain: Building and contesting Europe from a federalist perspective. Tània Verge
    6. The German Left from Laeken to Lisbon. Knut Roder
    7. The Left in Italy and the Lisbon Treaty: A 'political' Europe, a 'social' Europe and an 'economic' Europe. Lucia Quaglia
    8. The British Left and the institutional reform of the EU. Mike Mannin
    9. The Danish Left and the Constitutional/Lisbon Treaty: Not so sceptical after all?Rasmus Leander Nielsen and Rasmus Brun Pedersen
    10. The Swedish Left and European integration: Linking Laval and Lisbon. Lee Miles and Hans Lödén
    11. The Hungarian Left and the European integration process: the bittersweet success of 'return to Europe'. Attila Ágh
    12. From a spectator to a player to the bench: the Left in Slovakia from Laeken to Lisbon. Tim Haughton and Vladimir Bilcik
    13. The Polish Left and the European Constitution. Nathaniel Copsey
    14. The Left and European integration beyond Lisbon. Michael Holmes and Knut Roder


    Michael Holmes is Senior Lecturer in Politics, Liverpool Hope University. Knut Roder is Associate Professor of Politics and Political Economy, St Louis University, Madrid campus.

    Knut Roder is Professor of Politics and Political Economy, and International Relations Programme Director at Saint Louis University, Madrid

    The Left and the European Constitution

    Edited by Michael Holmes, Knut Roder

    Hardcover £90.00 / $140.00

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