Thinking towards humanity

Themes from Norman Geras

Edited by Stephen de Wijze and Eve Gerrard

Thinking towards humanity
Hardcover -
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  • ISBN: 9780719080876
  • Publish Date: Jun 2012
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN: 978-0-7190-8087-6
    • Pages: 328
    • Price: £85.00
    • Published Date: June 2012


    How should we respond to the inhumanity that suffused the twentieth Century and continues in the present one? Has there been an adequate treatment of this issue by the political left? Questions such as these are treated in this, the first scholarly book to combine academic and blogging approaches to some of the major political issues of the day. It does this by focusing on the work of Norman Geras - Marxist, political philosopher and blogger - and developing the central themes of his work such as crimes against humanity, the Holocaust, Marxism, and the means/ends problem in politics. It contains contributions by famous political philosophers such as Michael Walzer, Hillel Steiner and David McLennan, and bloggers and journalists such as David Aaronovitch, Nick Cohen and Ophelia Benson. The book contains a unique response by Geras in which he draws together the various themes it covers. It will be of interest to all who are concerned with these pressing political issues of our time. The book will be particularly relevant for those with an academic or general interest in politics, philosophy, sociology, genocide studies, applied ethics, international relations and law. It will also be of interest to bloggers and all those who regard new technology as having significant implications for public debate on these issues.


    1. Michael Walzer What is Left internationalism?
    2. David McLellan The Marxism of Norman Geras
    3. Blogging interlude (i): Nick Cohen Professor Geras and Blogger Norm
    4. Philip Spencer socialism or barbarism - Marxism and the Holocaust
    5. Blogging interlude (ii): Ophelia Benson What is it like to be a blogger?
    6. Alan Johnson Aurum de stercore: antitotalitarianism in the thought of Primo Levi
    7. Laurence Thomas evil and the norms of society
    8. Eve Garrard The case against forgiveness
    9. Blogging interlude (iii): Damian Counsell A fine site
    10. Jon Pike Geras on means and ends: the case for a prefigurative constraint
    11. Stephen de Wijze Resistance beyond the moral boundary
    12. Blogging interlude (iv): David Aaronovitch Democracy first 13. Gideon Calder Geras on context and indifference
    14. Shane O'Neill Humanism and social hope
    15. Hillel Steiner Evaluation and the quantification of freedom 16. Shalom Lappin This green and pleasant land: Britain and the Jews
    17. Blogging interlude (v): Ian Holliday Cricket: the best-loved game
    18. Norman Geras responses


    Stephen de Wijze is Senior Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Manchester

    Eve Garrard is Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Manchester

    Thinking towards humanity

    Edited by Stephen de Wijze, Eve Gerrard

    Hardcover £85.00 / $130.00

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