From Republic to Restoration

Legacies and departures

Edited by Janet Clare

From Republic to Restoration
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    • Published Date: April 2018


    Republic to restoration cuts across artificial divides between periods and disciplines,often imposed for reasons of convenience rather than reality. Challenging the traditional period divide of 1660, essays in this volume explore continuities with the decades of civil war and the Republic, shedding new light on religious, political and cultural conditions before and after the restoration of church and king. Transdisciplinary in conception, it includes essays on political theory, poetry, pamphlets, drama, opera, art, scientific experiment and the Book of Common Prayer.

    Essays in the volume variously show how unresolved issues at national and local level, including residual republicanism and religious dissent, were evident in many areas of Restoration life, and were recorded in memoirs, diaries, plays, historical writing, pamphlets and poems. An active promotion of forgetting, and the erasing of memories of the Republic and the reconstruction of the old order did not mend the political, religious and cultural divisions that had opened up during the Civil War. In examining such diverse genres as women's religious and prophetic writings, the publications of the Royal Society, the poetry and prose of Marvell and Milton, plays and opera, court portraiture, contemporary histories of the civil wars, and political cartoons, the volume substantiates its central claim that the Restoration was conditioned by continuity and adaptation of linguistic and artistic discourses.

    Republic to restoration will be of significant interest to academic researchers in a wide range of related fields, and especially students and scholars of seventeenth-century literature and history.


    'Clare has done a marvellous job as editor, bringing together a collection that is both diverse and cohesive, not an easy feat. The interdisciplinary approach works well as nothing in society exists in a vacuum. Therefore, I strongly recommend that instead of cherry-picking 'the relevant chapter' you read this collection cover to cover.'
    English Journal of the English Association

    'Cumulatively, the essays collected here demonstrate just how much connects the Republic with what followed, prompting us to see the familiar in a new light or to make new discoveries entirely. They also serve as a stark reminder that scholars who insist on imposing artificial (and often arbitrary) period divisions onto the
    materials of the seventeenth century do so at their peril.'
    The Seventeenth Century


    Introduction: from Republic to Restoration - Janet Clare
    1. 1660: Restoration and revolution - Blair Worden
    2. Monarchy and commonwealth: 'republican' defences of monarchy at the
    Restoration - Glenn Burgess
    3. Couplets, commonplaces and the creation of history in The Famous Tragedie of King Charles I (1649) and Cromwell's Conspiracy (1660) - Marissa Nicosia
    4. 'Plots' and dissent: the abortive Northern rebellion of 1663 - Alan Marshall
    5. Visions of monarchy and magistracy in women's political writing, 1640-80 - Amanda L. Capern
    6. The battle of the books: the Authorized Version and the Book of Common Prayer at the Restoration - David Bagchi
    7. Acts of oblivion: reframing drama, 1649-65 - Janet Clare
    8. 'Far off the public stage': Marvell's public and private writings, 1649-65 - Keith McDonald
    9. Projecting the Experiment: science and the Restoration - Ted McCormick
    10. The view from the devil's mountain: Clarendon, Cressy and Hobbes, and the past, present and future of the Church of England - Paul Seaward
    11. 'The Sport of Bishop-Hunting': Marvell and the neo-Laudians - Martin Dzelzainis
    12. Choosing a captain back for Egypt: Milton and the Restoration - Warren Chernaik
    13. The French connection: luxury, portraiture, and the court of Charles II - Laura L. Knoppers
    14. Restoration opera and the failure of patronage - Bryan White
    15. 'The Name of King will light upon a Tarquin': republicanism, exclusion, and the name of king in Nathaniel Lee's Lucius Junius Brutus - Lisanna Calvi
    16. 'A Child of Heathen Hobbs': political prints of the Popish Plot and Exclusion Crisis - the revision of a republican mode - Christina M. Carlson


    Janet Clare is Professor of Renaissance Literature and a Founding Director of the Andrew Marvell Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Hull

    From Republic to Restoration

    Edited by Janet Clare

    Hardcover £90.00 / $140.00

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