Spanish contemporary poetry

An anthology

Edited by Diana Cullell

Spanish contemporary poetry


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  • Published Date: July 2014
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Spanish contemporary poetry: An anthology presents a selection of Spanish peninsular poetry from the 1970s to the present day, with an introductory study of the most relevant poetic trends and poetic groups of the period, followed by guided and close readings of each poem. The anthology includes poems by twenty-two authors selected according to their literary rigour and with attention to the relevance of their work, a comprehensive introductory study, notes, thorough individual commentaries to the poems, and lists of selected vocabulary and rhetorical terms that provide accessibility to the anthology. The poetic selection is divided into sections and subsections in order to aid its pedagogical intent, covering: the poetry written during the transition to democracy; the emergence of poetry written by women in the 1980s; the Spanish poetic field of the 1990s; the poetry written at the turn of the new millennium; and some of the youngest voices in Spanish poetry today. English-speaking students working in the field of Hispanic literature, but also a more general reader keen on literature written in Spanish language, should thoroughly enjoy this work.


Part I
1. The novísimos and the cultural transition
2. Luis Antonio de Villena, 'El ciruelo blanco y el ciruelo rojo'
3. Luis Alberto de Cuenca, 'Pasión, muerte y resurrección de Propercio de Asís'
4. Leopoldo María Panero, 'Condesa Morfina'
5. Aníbal Núñez, '(Sobre el placer recíproco)'
6. The power of poetry written by women
7. Ana Rossetti, 'Chico Wrangler'
8. Julia Otxoa, 'Cómo me dueles mujer'
9. Almudena Guzmán, 'Presos los dos'
10. Juana Castro, 'Penélope'
11. Poetry of experience and poetry of difference
12. Luis García Montero, 'Merece la pena (un jueves telefónico)'
13. Felipe Benítez Reyes, 'El final de la fiesta'
14. Carlos Marzal, 'Domingos bajo las sábana'
15. María Antonia Ortega, 'Herida de muerte'
Part II
16. The turn of a new millennium
17. Lorenzo Oliván, 'Corriente abajo' and 'En el centro de este ámbito'
18. Leopoldo Alas, 'El extraño que vino de lejos' and 'Espectros de una vida que se agota'
19. Ada Salas, 'No limpian las palabras' and 'Tiendo mi cuerpo aquí'
20. Ana Merino, 'Las cosas verdaderas' and 'Piedra, papel, tijera'
21. Ángel Paniagua, 'Palindoia del miedo y sus figuras' and 'Brideshead Revisited'
22. Young voices and new expressions
23. Óscar Martín Centeno, 'Somos' and 'Partida de billar'
24. Carlos Pardo, 'Un dos piezas' and 'Un Oasis: El-Habla'
25. Óscar Aguado, 'Hemos vuelto a recorrer' and 'El extranjero deja la ceniza en un poema'
26. Virginia Cantó, 'Vi(d)as cruzadas' and 'Día del espectador'
27. Vanesa Pérez-Saüquillo, 'Esta mañana supe' and 'Epílogo'
28. Temas de debate y discusión


Diana Cullell is Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at the University of Liverpool

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