Non-Western responses to terrorism

Edited by Michael J. Boyle

Non-Western responses to terrorism
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  • Publish Date: Jan 2019
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    Book Information

    • Format: eBook
    • ISBN: 978-1-5261-0583-7
    • Published Date: January 2019
    • Series: New Directions in Terrorism Studies


    This edited collection surveys how non-Western states have responded to the threats of domestic and international terrorism in ways consistent with and reflective of their broad historical, political, cultural and religious traditions. It presents a series of eighteen case studies of counterterrorism theory and practice in the non-Western world, including countries such as China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Egypt and Brazil. These case studies, written by country experts and drawing on original language sources, demonstrate the diversity of counter-terrorism theory and practice and illustrate how the world 'sees' and responds to terrorism is different from the way that the United States, the United Kingdom and many European governments do. This volume - the first ever comprehensive account of counter-terrorism in the non-Western world - will be of interest to students, scholars, students and policymakers responsible for developing counter-terrorism policy.


    'The field of Terrorism Studies has long been dominated by Western scholars and perspectives, despite the fact that the vast majority of terrorism occurs in non-Western societies. Non-Western Responses to Terrorism provides a timely and helpful antidote to the current imbalance in the literature on counterterrorism. With an exceptional line-up of researchers, including important voices from the global south, the volume provides a highly relevant overview of the state of the art, and a wealth of informative case studies. Highly recommended.'

    Professor Richard Jackson, University of Otago, New Zealand

    'Michael Boyle has produced an outstanding volume of contributions examining the complex regional and global dynamics of counter-terrorism. An essential text of importance not only to terrorism and security scholars, but counterterrorism practitioners and policymakers worldwide.'

    Professor John Horgan, Georgia State University, USA

    'Michael Boyle shines a brilliant light on one of the most poorly understood frontiers of terrorism: how countries outside of the West grapple with this threat. In this fascinating book a superb line-up of experts bring to life the counterterrorism experiences, successes and failures of an eclectic mix of countries. Deeply refreshing and wildly eye-opening, we have been waiting for a book like this for far too long.'

    Professor Andrew Silke, Cranfield University


    Foreword by Alex P. Schmid
    Introduction - Michael J. Boyle
    Part I: Russia and Central Asia
    1 Russia: Response to terrorism in the twenty-first century - Ekaterina Stepanova
    Part II: Asia
    2 China: Xi Jinping, China's legal reform and counterterrorism - Irene Chan
    3 Japan: Terrorism and counterterrorism in Japan - Chiyuki Aoi and Yee-Kuang Heng
    4 Malaysia: Adapting to the dynamic changes of terrorist threats - Kamarulnizam Abdullah and Ridzuan Abdul Aziz
    5 Indonesia: Political violence and counterterrorism: Disputed boundaries of a postcolonial state - Evan Laksmana and Michael Newell
    Part III: South Asia
    6 India: Counterterrorism in India: An ad hoc response to an enduring and variable threat - Rashmi Singh
    7 Pakistan: Countering terrorism in Pakistan: Challenges, conundrum and resolution - Muhammed Feyyaz
    Part IV: Latin and South America
    8 Brazil: When the shoe doesn't fit: Brazilian approaches to terrorism and counterterrorism in the post-9/11 era - Jorge M. Lasmar
    9 Colombia: The changing meaning of 'terrorism' in Colombia: A matter of discourse - Oscar Palma
    Part V: Middle East and North Africa
    10 Algeria: Algeria's response to violent extremism - George Joffé
    11 Egypt: Extremism in moderation: Understanding state response to terrorism in Egypt - Dina Al Raffie
    12 Lebanon: Contending notions of terrorism in Lebanon: Politico-legal manoeuvres and political Islam - Bashir Saade
    13 Saudi Arabia: Islam and Saudi Arabia's counterterrorism strategy - Roel Meijer
    14 Iran: State and terrorism in Iran - Ali M. Ansari
    Part VI: Africa
    15 Kenya: Counterterroism in Kenya: Security aid, impunity and Muslim alienation - Jeremy Prestholdt
    16 Nigeria: A vicious cycle: The growth of terrorism and counterterrorism in Nigeria, 1999-2016 - Jennifer Giroux and Michael Nwankpa
    17 Uganda: Counterterrorism in Musveni's Uganda - Emma Leonard Boyle
    18 South Africa: Understanding South Africa's confused and ineffective response to terrorism - Hussein Solomon
    Conclusion - Michael J. Boyle


    Michael J. Boyle is Associate Professor of Political Science at La Salle University in Philadelphia

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