The US vs China

Asia's new Cold War?

By Jude Woodward

The US vs China
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  • Publish Date: Sep 2017
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    Book Information

    • Format: eBook
    • ISBN: 978-1-5261-1656-7
    • Published Date: August 2017


    This book addresses the most important question in geopolitics today - the future of relations between the US and China. Concerned that the rise of China will challenge the its hegemony in world affairs, the US has decided to reassert its influence in Asia to counteract any challenge. Examining and challenging the dominant causal explanations for and professed intentions of this shift in US policy, this book uncovers the real dynamics of contemporary Sino-American relations, surveying their complex interactions in the context of their post-war history, offering the reader an accessible and informative survey of the relations between China and the US in Asia, ranging from Russia's turn to the east, the rise of Japanese nationalism, democracy in Myanmar, North Korea's nuclear programme to disputes in the South China Sea. This book is an illuminating introduction to the defining issue shaping global politics for our time.


    'The US vs China offers vital insight into the underlying currents reshaping the world as it shifts from its transatlantic axis to Asia-centred order, making it a must-read for anyone with an interest in twenty-first-century international affairs. An essential counter to arguments about the "China threat" and the "inevitability of US-China conflict", the work should find a place on any balanced academic reading list, both undergraduate and graduate.'
    Jenny Clegg, China and Asia Pacific specialist, author of China's Global Strategy: towards a multipolar world, Pluto Press

    'China has burst onto the global political scene, tearing up the established contours of post-1945 international relations. This is a change that affects us all in the most profound ways and is shaping the twenty first century, throwing up fundamental questions: Can US hegemony prevail? Will China be the next global superpower? Does China's rise present a threat to world peace? In this accessible yet rigorous book, Jude Woodward challenges conventional preconceptions about the implications of China's rise and suggests that with the US on the decline, China offers hope for the future.'
    Kate Hudson, General Secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

    'This book provides a timely, thorough and accessible path to understanding the US-China confrontation, which is surely the most significant dynamic in global politics today. In just 260 pages, the author provides a surprisingly detailed account of China's rise, the different threads of US opposition to that rise, and the multitude of devices being employed by the US in its bid to see off the Asian challenge and secure a "new American century."'
    The People's Daily Morning Star

    'Jude Woodward's thesis in her latest book is quite simple: Washington is engaged in an orchestrated plot to contain the rise of China economically, militarily and ideologically. [...] The US vs China is an extremely useful antidote to the normally schizophrenic portrayal of Beijing as at the same instant being on the verge of collapse and poised to take over the world.'
    Glyn Ford, Asian Review of Books, December 2017

    'Jude Woodward's study of the development of US-China diplomacy predates the corona crisis but still provides many useful clues as to how this renewed period of tension in their relationship might play out in the months and years to come. [...] Sadly, Jude Woodward has recently passed away. With this volume, however, she has bequeathed a valuable tool to help navigate the perils of the unfolding global crisis. In her memory, we should strive to enact the closing message of her last book: "in the end, the sword cannot win against the desire of human beings to go forward and improve their lives if they can see a way to do so"(257).'
    Sean Ledwith, Lecturer in History and Sociology at York College, Marx & Philosophy Review of Books, June 2020


    1 Introduction: America's Pacific century?

    Part I: Is US-China conflict inevitable?
    2 China: a doomed and distorted growth model?
    3 Can China rise peacefully?
    4 America's exceptional empire

    Part II: Containment without Russia?
    5 Russia: facing west or east

    Part III: Containment from the east
    6 The rise of Japanese nationalism
    7 The USS Taiwan?
    8 Korea: divided nation, divided allegiances

    Part IV: Containment from the southern seas
    9 Asia's Mediterranean
    10 Turbulent seas
    11 The courting of Vietnam
    12 Thailand and Myanmar: shifting loyalties

    Part V: Containment from south and west
    13 Winning over India
    14 Tibet and the Sino-Indian borders
    15 Losing Central Asia

    16 Conclusion: the sword or the spirit?

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    Jude Woodward is a writer and lecturer on China. Until 2012 she was a Visiting Professor in the Antai School of Business, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and she continues to visit and lecture in China regularly.

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