The history of emotions

By Rob Boddice

The history of emotions
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    Book Information


    This book introduces students and professional historians to the main areas of concern in the history of emotions. It discusses how the emotions intersect with other lines of historical research relating to power, practice, society and morality. Addressing criticism from within and without the discipline of history, the book offers a rigorous defence of this new approach, demonstrating its potential centrality to historiographical practice, as well as the importance of this kind of historical work for our general understanding of the human brain and the meaning of human experience.


    'To the student of neuroscience, the professor in politics, the public policy-maker, this book broadcasts a signal from the rocketship of the History of Emotions: we are here, and we have a lot to talk to you about.'
    Carly Osborn, The University of Adelaide, Emotions: History, culture, society 2 (2018)

    'Boddice's book provides a rich and thorough summary and analysis of the history of emotions, useful for students and scholars alike. [.] This book does not only provide a highly useful and detailed guide to the history of emotions, but also offers insights into international working, practices of teaching, and to thinking further about the dynamics of power and knowledge in interdisciplinary work.'
    Jennifer Crane, University of Warwick, Social History of Medicine

    'Intervening as this exciting and dynamic field develops, Boddice's book provides a rich and thorough summary and analysis of the history of emotions, useful for students and scholars alike.'
    Jennifer Crane, University of Warwick, Social History of Medicine, Volume 32 Issue 1

    'Such cutting-edge discussions mean, finally, that Boddice's book is of interest to experts working in this emerging field, as well as to the novice looking for an introduction to this approach.'
    Daniel M. Gross, University of California, The Historian

    Boddice's book is essential reading as it affords a broad understanding of the current state of play in the history of emotions.'
    History Australia

    'Boddice's fantastic introduction to the study of the history of emotions is as detailed, wide-ranging, and useful as any brief introduction can possibly be. His background on the subject is impeccable. Boddice has been thinking, talking, and researching about emotions for many years in Berlin while also conversing with the leading figures at all the major centers involved in the study of emotion. Indeed, Rhodri Hayward, a Welsh wizard of emotions, at Queen Mary, University of London, encouraged Boddice to write his book. Thank goodness that he did and that Boddice agreed. Now an introductory text exists that is so readable and well written that nonspecialists will find it hugely accessible, and seasoned historians will be able to "take the temperature of the field as a whole as it now stands," avoiding the "unnecessary labour" of plodding through a vast field of "extensive bibliographical research" (1-7). Amen to that.'
    Journal of Interdisciplinary History


    1 Historians and emotions
    2 Words and concepts
    3 Communities, regimes and styles
    4 Power, politics and violence
    5 Practice and expression
    6 Experience, senses and the brain
    7 Spaces, places and objects
    8 Morality
    Select bibliography


    Rob Boddice works in the Department of History and Cultural Studies at Freie Universität Berlin

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