The United States in the Indo-Pacific

Obama's legacy and the Trump transition

Edited by Oliver Turner and Inderjeet Parmar

The United States in the Indo-Pacific
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    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN: 978-1-5261-3501-8
    • Pages: 272
    • Price: £85.00
    • Published Date: February 2020
    • Series: Manchester University Press


    This edited collection examines the political, economic and security legacies of former US President Barack Obama in Asia and the Pacific, following two terms in office between 2009 and 2017. In a region that has only become more vivid in the American political imagination since Obama left office, this volume interrogates the endurance of Obama's legacies in what is increasingly reimagined in Washington as the Indo-Pacific. Advancing our understanding of Obama's style, influence and impact throughout the region, this volume explores dimensions of US relations and interactions with key Indo-Pacific states including China, India, Japan, North Korea and Australia; multilateral institutions and organisations such the East Asia Summit and ASEAN; and salient issue areas such as regional security, politics and diplomacy, and the economy.

    How far has the Trump administration progressed in challenging or disrupting Obama's Pivot to Asia? What differences can we discern in the declared or effective US strategy towards Asia and to what extent has it radically shifted or displaced Obama-era legacies? Including contributions from high-profile scholars and policy practitioners such as Michael Mastanduno, Bruce Cumings, Maryanne Kelton, Robert Sutter and Sumit Ganguly, contributors examine these questions at the halfway point of the 2017-21 Presidency of Donald Trump, as his administration opens a new and potentially divergent chapter of American internationalism.


    'A judicious and wide-ranging edited collection, this book fills an important void in the field of US-Asian relations and it does so with considerable skill and sensitivity to historical context. Essential reading for those interested in US involvement in a region of signal importance and that has been experiencing significant transformation.'
    Rosemary Foot, Senior Research Fellow in International Relations and Professor Emeritus, University of Oxford

    'Perhaps no region in the world today poses as many challenges to the United States as does the Indo-Pacific -- home to some of its most important allies (Japan, Taiwan and South Korea), two of the world's rising "superpowers", and three states with nuclear weapons, as well as a whole host of unresolved tensions left behind by both World War II and the Cold War. This comprehensive volume does an outstanding job of analysing these complex issues. A must-read.'
    Michael Cox, Emeritus Professor of International Relations and Director of IDEAS at the London School of Economics and Political Science


    Introduction: The United States in the Asia and Indo-Pacifics - Inderjeet Parmar

    Part I: Obama's legacy in Asia and the Pacific
    1 US imperial hegemony in the American Pacific - Oliver Turner
    2 Humanitarian hawk meets rising dragon: Obama's legacy in US China Policy - Peter Gries
    3 The Obama administration and India - Christopher K. Colley and Sumit Ganguly
    4 Obama and Japan: An endangered legacy - Matteo Dian
    5 Obama, Trump, and North Korea - Bruce Cumings
    6 US and Australia: Deepening ties and securitising cyberspace - Maryanne Kelton and Zac Rogers
    7 Obama's legacy in US-ASEAN relations: Promises and perils - Prashanth Parameswaran
    8 The Obama administration and the East Asia Summit: Exception, not transformation - Malcolm Cook

    Part II: The US in Asia and the Pacific under Trump
    9 Obama, Trump and US politics and diplomacy towards Asia - Robert G. Sutter
    10 Security policy in Asia from Obama to Trump: Autopilot, neglect or worse? - Nick Bisley
    11 A grand strategic transition? Obama, Trump, and the Asia Pacific political economy - Mike Mastanduno

    Part III: From Obama to Trump in Asia and the Pacific: The practitioners' view
    12 From Obama to Trump, and beyond: Washington's painful search for a credible China policy - Borje Ljunggren
    13 Multilateralism to transactionalism: America and Trump in the Asia Pacific - Ketan Patel and Christian Hansmeyer
    14 Obama and Trump's marine machoism in the Indo-Pacific - Atul Bhardwaj
    Conclusion: Legacies and Transitions in the twenty first century Indo-Pacific - Oliver Turner and Inderjeet Parmar



    Oliver Turner is a Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Edinburgh

    Inderjeet Parmar is Professor of International Politics at City, University of London

    The United States in the Indo-Pacific

    Edited by Oliver Turner, Inderjeet Parmar

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