Queer Objects

Edited by Chris Brickell and Judith Collard

Queer Objects
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  • Publish Date: Oct 2019
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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    • Format: Paperback
    • ISBN: 978-1-5261-3576-6
    • Pages: 400
    • Price: £30.00
    • Published Date: October 2019


    Queer lives give rise to a vast array of objects: the things we fill our houses with, the gifts we share with our friends, the commodities we consume at work and at play, the clothes and accessories we wear, and the analogue and digital technologies we use to communicate with one another. But what makes an object queer? The sixty-three chapters in Queer Objects consider this question in relation to lesbian, gay and transgender communities across time, cultures and space. In this unique international collaboration, well-known and newer writers traverse world history to write about items ranging from ancient Egyptian tomb paintings and Roman artefacts to political placards, snapshots, sex toys and the smartphone. Fabulous, captivating, transgressive.


    'Queer objects delights and provokes in its expansive offering of moments, materials, images and texts that capture the presence of queer identities across time and space. Richly illustrated and exceptionally well-informed its authors bring familiar and unfamiliar subjects to life in new and exciting ways. A must for any respectable and unrespectable queer library.'
    Christopher Breward, National Galleries of Scotland

    'The queer angel of history has brought us from New Zealand this remarkable book of objects that have aroused memories - involuntary and voluntary, painful and uplifting, individual and communal. A deeply moving exploration of history, memory, and queerness.'
    Jeffrey Escoffier, author of American Homo: Community and Perversity


    1 The Queerness of Objects - Chris Brickell and Judith Collard
    2 The First Gay Kiss? - Richard Bruce Parkinson
    3 Tutanekai's Flute - Paerau Warbrick
    4 Faces of Queer-Aboriginality - Dino Hodge
    5 Pasting Together an Identity - Helen Pausacker
    6 The Strapless Satchel - Jeffrey Vaughan
    7 The Queering of Action Man - Greg Minnisale
    8 Reading Two Gay Histories - Ben Anderson-Nathe
    9 Fragments of Sappho - Chris Brickell
    10 New World Slavery's Queer Object - Carina Pasquesi
    11 Freda's Mountaineering Memoir - Chris Brickell
    12 Teddy's Illustrated Letter - Rachel Hope Cleaves
    13 Four Saints in Three Acts - Tirza True Latimer
    14 Donald Friend's Life in Letters - Tim Roberts
    15 Dear Dawn, Can I Hold You? - Lauren Britton
    16 A Gay Magazine in Communist Poland - Lukasz Szulc
    17 The Cunt Coloring Book - Margo Hobbs
    18 Henry's Albums - Barry Reay
    19 Sammy's Stud File - Barry Reay
    20 The Proverbial Lavendar Dildo - Erica Rand
    21 Amos' Chair - Barry Reay
    22 Cruising Masculine Spaces - Judith Collard
    23 The Stuff of Cruising - John Howard
    24 Monuments - Peter Sherlock
    25 The Warren Cup - Chris Brickell
    26 Robert Gant's Shoes - Chris Brickell
    27 Oscar's Photograph? - Neil Bartlett
    28 Saint Sebastian - Chris Brickell
    29 Tender Buttons - Jane Trengrove
    30 The Paintings of Lois White - Judith Collard
    31 The L Word Quilt - Amanda Littauer and Diane Johns
    32 The Queen of Polka Holes - Katsuhiko Suganuma
    33 Queer Dogs - Heike Bauer
    34 Our Own Dear House - Bev Roberts
    35 An Attic Apartment - Chris Brickell
    36 The Rotary Dial Telephone - Matt Cook
    37 C734 - Christopher Castiglia and Christopher Reed
    38 Saint Eugenia's Relics - Robert Mills
    39 A Tram Ticket, an Egyptian and an Englishman - Robert Aldrich
    40 To My Friend from His Friend - Graham Willett
    41The Story of a Locket - Peter Wells
    42 Till We Meet Again - Jo Campbell
    43 A Set of Wedding Photos - Elise Chenier
    44 Carl Wittman and the AIDS Quilt - Amanda Littauer and Diane Johns
    45 Exhibit A: The Powder Puff - Wayne Murdoch
    46 Neil McConaghy's Penile Plethysmograph - Kate Davison
    47 A Military Discharge Certificate - Shirleene Robinson
    48 The Moral Majority is Neither - Timothy Willem Jones
    49 Devotional Objects - Melissa M. Wilcox
    50 Political Buttons - Katherine A. Hermes
    51 Plastic Politics - James Burford, Kath Khangpiboon and Jutathorn Pravattiyagul
    52 Bloomers and Monocles - Nikki Sullivan and Craig Middleton
    53 A Lesbian Waistcoat - Nadia Gush
    54 Lesbian Lipstick - Reina Lewis
    55 Punk Jacket - Marcus Bunyan
    56 The Australian Speedo - Yorick Smaal
    57 The World's First Gay Travel Guide - Daniel Brandl-Beck
    58 Keith's Slides - Chris Brickell
    59 John Hunter's Make-up Box - Chris Brickell
    60 The Portable Lesbian Party - Alison Oram
    61 The Rangers Motorclub Flag - Tim Roberts
    62 The Disco Ball and the DJ - Philip Hughes
    63 Queer Smartphones - Simon Clay


    Chris Brickell is Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Otago
    Judith Collard is Senior Lecturer in the Department of History and Art History at the University of Otago

    Queer Objects

    Edited by Chris Brickell, Judith Collard

    Paperback £30.00 / $44.95

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