The Munich Crisis, politics and the people

International, transnational and comparative perspectives

Edited by Julie Gottlieb, Daniel Hucker and Richard Toye

The Munich Crisis, politics and the people
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    The Munich Crisis of 1938 had major diplomatic as well as personal and psychological repercussions. As much as it was a climax in the clash between dictatorship and democracy, it was also a People's Crisis and an event that gripped and worried the people around the world. The traditional approach has been to examine the crisis from the vantage points of high politics and diplomacy. Traditional approaches have failed to acknowledge the profound social, cultural and psychological impacts of diplomatic events, an imbalance that is redressed in this volume. Taking a range of national examples and using a variety of methods, The Munich Crisis, Politics and the People recreates the experience of living through the crisis in Czechoslovakia, Germany, France, Britain, Hungary, the Soviet Union and the USA.


    'This collection comes strongly recommended not just to those with a particular interest in the Munich Crisis and the Appeasement process of the 1930s but also to those more widely engaged with the history of popular opinion in a mass media age, the history of emotions, and comparative international history.'
    Journal of British Studies, Volume 62, Issue 2 (April 2023)


    Julie V. Gottlieb, Daniel Hucker and Richard Toye
    1 Czechoslovakia, Czecho-Slovakia and the Munich Agreement
    Mary Heimann
    2 A very long shadow: The Munich Agreement in post-war Czechoslovak communist propaganda, ideology and historiography, 1948-1989
    Jakub Drábik
    3 'Curs Yapping Round the Dying Stag', or the rituals of fractured societies: Hungary and Poland in the vortex of the Munich Crisis of 1938
    Miklos Lojko
    4 'What, No Chair for Me?' Russia's conspicuous absence from the Munich Conference
    Gabriel Gorodetsky
    5 Churchill, Munich, and the origins of the Grand Alliance
    Richard Toye
    6 Munich and the unexpected rise of American power
    Andrew Preston
    7 Mussolini, Munich, and the Italian people
    Christian Goeschel
    8 'England is pro-Hitler': German popular opinion during the Czechoslovakian Crisis, 1938
    Karina Urbach
    9 Munich and the masses: emotional inflammation, mental health and shame in Britain during the September crisis
    Julie V. Gottlieb
    10 Melanie Klein and the coming of World War Two: a clinical archive, 1938
    Michal Shapira
    11 The poet's perspective on the Munich Crisis: 'news that STAYS news'?
    Helen Goethals
    12 Public opinion, policymakers, and the Munich Crisis: adding emotion to international history
    Daniel Hucker
    13 France in the 'blue light' of Munich: popular agency, activity, and the reframing of history
    Jessica Wardhaugh


    Julie V. Gottlieb is Professor of Modern History at the University of Sheffield

    Daniel Hucker is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Nottingham

    Richard Toye is Professor of Modern History at the University of Exeter

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