Literatures of the Hundred Years War

Edited by Daniel Davies and R. D. Perry

Literatures of the Hundred Years War
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  • Publish Date: Apr 2024
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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    From England and France to the Low Countries, Wales, Scotland, and Italy, the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) fundamentally shaped late-medieval literature. This volume adopts an expansive focus to reveal the transnational literary consequences of over a century of international conflict. While traditionally seen as an Anglo-French conflict, the Hundred Years War was a multilateral conflict with connections across the continent through alliances and proxy battles. Writers, whether as witnesses, diplomats, or provocateurs, played key roles in shaping the conflict, and the conflict equally impacted the course of literary history. The volume shows how a wide variety of genres and works are deeply engaged with responses to the war, from women's visionary writing by figures like Catherine of Siena to anonymous lyric poetry, from Christine de Pizan's Book of the City of Ladies to Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.


    Preface: Ardis Butterfield
    Introduction- Daniel Davies and R. D. Perry

    I. Genres of war
    1 Andrew Galloway- The birth of tragedy in the Hundred Years War
    2 Elizaveta Strakhov- Forms Against war: the pastourelle and the Hundred Years War
    3 Daniel Davies- Prophecies of alliance and enmity: England, Scotland, and France in the late Middle Ages

    II. Figures and sites of mobility
    4 David Wallace- Italy, poetry and the Hundred Years War
    5 Lynn Staley- Merchandising peace
    6 Helen Fulton- Mobility and migration: Calais and the Welsh imagination in the late Middle Ages

    III. Theorizing war
    7 Stefan Vander Elst- The shared wound: Crusade and the origins of the Hundred Years War in the writings of Philippe de Mézières
    8 Matthew Giancarlo- Mirrors of war: chronicle narratives, class conflict and regiminal ideology between France and England, c. 1330-1415
    9 Lucas Wood- Dreaming the (un)divided nation: Alain Chartier's allegorical oneiropolitics

    IV. Lives during wartime
    10 Alani Hicks-Bartlett- War, tears, and corporeal response in Christine de Pizan
    11 Jennifer N. Brown- Visionary women, the Papal Schism and the Hundred Years War: Bridget of Sweden and Catherine of Siena in medieval England
    12 J. R. Mattison- Between men: French books and male readers in fifteenth-century England



    Daniel Davies is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Houston
    R. D. Perry is Assistant Professor of English and Literary Arts at the University of Denver

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