The Xinjiang emergency

Exploring the causes and consequences of China's mass detention of Uyghurs

Edited by Michael Clarke

The Xinjiang emergency
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  • Publish Date: Feb 2022
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    • Published Date: February 2022


    The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is the site of the largest mass repression of an ethnic and/or religious minority in the world today. Researchers estimate that since 2016 one million people have been detained there without trial. In the detention centres individuals are exposed to deeply invasive forms of surveillance and psychological stress, while outside them more than ten million Turkic Muslim minorities are subjected to a network of hi-tech surveillance systems, checkpoints and interpersonal monitoring. Existing reportage and commentary on the crisis tend to address these issues in isolation, but this ground-breaking volume brings them together, exploring the interconnections between the core strands of the Xinjiang emergency in order to generate a more accurate understanding of the mass detentions' significance for the future of President Xi Jinping's China.


    1 Framing the Xinjiang emergency: colonialism and settler colonialism as pathways to cultural genocide?- Michael Clarke
    Part I: Context
    2 Echoes from the past: repression in the Uyghur region now and then - Sandrine Catris
    3 The Kashgar Dangerous House Reform Program: social engineering, 'a rebirth of the nation' and a significant building block in China's creeping genocide - Anna Hayes
    4 Settler colonialism in the name of counterterrorism: of 'savages' and 'terrorists' - Sean R. Roberts
    Part II: Discourses and practices of repression
    5 Pathology, inducement and mass incarcerations of Xinjiang's 'targeted population' - Timothy A. Grose and James Leibold
    6 Two-faced: Turkic Muslim camp workers, subjection and active witnessing - Darren Byler
    7Corrective 're-education' as (cultural) genocide: a content analysis of the Uyghur primary school textbook Til-Ädäbiyat (2018, rev. 1st ed) - Dilmurat Mahmut and Joanne Smith Finley
    8 Predatory biopolitics: organ harvesting and other means of monetizing Uyghur 'surplus' - Matthew P. Robertson
    Part III: Domestic and international implications
    9 'Round the clock, three dimensional control': the evolution and implications of the 'Xinjiang mode' of counterterrorism - Michael Clarke
    10 The effect of Xinjiang's virtual lockdown on the Uyghur diaspora - Ablimit Baki Elterish
    11 'Window of opportunity': the Xinjiang emergency in China's 'new type of international relations' - David Tobin


    Michael Clarke is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Defence Research, Australian Defence College and a Visiting Fellow at the Australia-China Relations Institute, University of Technology Sydney

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