Beckett's afterlives

Adaptation, remediation, appropriation

Edited by Jonathan Bignell, Pim Verhulst and Anna McMullan

Beckett's afterlives
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  • Publish Date: Feb 2023
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    • Format: eBook
    • ISBN: 978-1-5261-5378-4
    • Published Date: February 2023


    Despite the steady rise in adaptations of Samuel Beckett's work across the world following the author's death in 1989, Beckett's afterlives is the first book-length study dedicated to this creative phenomenon. The collection employs interrelated concepts of adaptation, remediation and appropriation to reflect on Beckett's own evolving approach to crossing genre boundaries and to analyse the ways in which contemporary artists across different media and diverse cultural contexts - including the UK, Europe, the USA and Latin America - continue to engage with Beckett. The book offers fresh insights into how his work has kept inspiring both practitioners and audiences in the twenty-first century, operating through methodologies and approaches that aim to facilitate and establish the study of modern-day adaptations, not just of Beckett but other (multimedia) authors as well.


    Introduction - Pim Verhulst, Anna McMullan and Jonathan Bignell
    1 Beckett's 'adaphatroce' revisited: toward a poetics of adaptation - Pim Verhulst
    2 Adaptation and convergence: Beckett on Film - Jonathan Bignell
    3 'Imprecations from the Brighton Road to Foxrock Station': the effect of place on Mouth on Fire's stagings of All That Fall - Feargal Whelan
    4 Engines of reverence? Beckett, festivals and adaptation - Trish McTighe and Kurt Taroff
    5 Passing by, gazing upon: gendered agency in adaptations of Come and Go and Happy Days - Katherine Weiss
    6 'Last state last version': adaptation and performance in Gare St Lazare Ireland's How It Is - Dúnlaith Bird
    7 Intermedial embodiments: Company SJ's staging of Beckett's Company - Anna McMullan
    8 Beckett, neurodiversity and the prosthetic: the posthuman turn in contemporary art - Derval Tubridy
    9 Beckett and new media adaptation: from the literary corpus to the transmedia archive - David Houston Jones
    10 Opera as adaptation: György Kurtág's Samuel Beckett: Fin de partie, scènes et monologues - Olga Beloborodova
    11 Questioning norms in three Beckettian choreographic projections: Maguy Marin, Dominique Dupuy, Joanna Czajkowska - Evelyne Clavier
    12 'I'll give you just enough to keep you from dying': power dynamics disclosed in Tania Bruguera's Endgame - Luz María Sánchez Cardona
    13 Godot noir: Beckett in black and whiteface - S. E. Gontarski
    14 Deferred dreams: waiting for freedom and equality in Nwandu and Beckett - Graley Herren
    15 'How can you photograph words?': expanding the Godot universe from adaptation to transmedia storytelling - Luciana Tamas and Eckart Voigts
    16 The figure of Beckett in four contemporary novels- Paul Stewart


    Jonathan Bignell is Professor of Television and Film at the University of Reading

    Anna McMullan is Professor Emerita in Theatre at the University of Reading

    Pim Verhulst is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Oxford and a Teaching Assistant at the University of Antwerp

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