Rural quality of life

Edited by Pia Heike Johansen, Anne Tietjen, Evald Bundgård Iversen, Henrik Lauridsen Lolle and Jens Kaae Fisker

Rural quality of life
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  • Publish Date: Jan 2023
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    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN: 978-1-5261-6163-5
    • Pages: 504
    • Price: ¬£100.00
    • Published Date: January 2023


    Recent research suggests that rural residents in the global North are happier than urban populations in the same countries. This goes against received wisdom in the field, where the opposite is usually assumed. Is quality of life better in the rural areas? How and under which circumstances is this the case? What can we learn from digging deeper into the rural-urban happiness paradox and which critical questions does this leave us with for the future? What might policymakers, planners, architects, and other decision-makers learn about how, when, and where to intervene? Rural quality of life delves deeper into these matters by asking what quality of life in rural areas is all about - in everyday life, through interventions in the built environment, in civil society and measures of subjective well-being.


    Foreword - Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins

    1 Introducing rural quality of life - Pia Heike Johansen, Jens Kaae Fisker, Henrik Lauridsen Lolle, Anne Tietjen and Evald Bundgård Iversen

    Part I: Everyday life
    Framing essay I - Pia Heike Johansen, Jens Kaae Fisker and Martin Phillips
    2 Wellbeing for Whom and at Whose Expense: COVID-19 through the Lens of Moral Geographies in Two Rural Colorado Communities - Michael Carolan
    3 The difference that rural rhythm makes - Pia Heike Johansen and Jens Kaae Fisker
    4 "Everybody loves living here": beyond the idyll in life within the gentrified countryside - Martin Phillips, Darren Smith, Hannah Brooking and Mara Duer
    5 Urban-to-rural lifestyle migrants in peripheral Japanese island communities: Balancing quality of life expectations with reality - Simona Zollet and Meng Qu
    6 Alaskan Native quality of life: Culture, rurality, and the sacred - Maria Christina Crouch and Jordan P. Lewis

    Part II: The built environment
    Framing essay II - Anne Tietjen and Jens Kaae Fisker
    7 Spatial planning and rural quality of life - Mark Scott
    8 Rural placemaking for sustained community well-being - Anne Tietjen and Gertrud J√łrgensen
    9 The creation of child-friendly spaces for nourishing rural areas: A South-African reflection - Elizelle Juanee Cilliers and Menini Gibbens
    10 Art in rural placemaking - Meiqin Wang
    11 The contribution of affordable housing to rural quality of life in England - Nick Gallent
    12 Planning for quality of life as the right to spatial production in the rurban void - Nils Björling

    Part III: Civil society
    Framing essay III - Evald Bundgård Iversen
    13 The role of civil society in securing self-assessed quality of life in rural areas - Evald Bundgård Iversen, Michael Fehsenfeld and Bjarne Ibsen
    14 Rural youth: Quality of life, civil participation, and outlooks for a rural future - Anders Melås, Maja Farstad and Svein Frisvoll
    15 The role of civil society in cultural heritage, digitalisation, and the quality of rural life - David Beel and Claire Wallace
    16 Volunteering neighbourhood mothers: A capability approach to voluntarism, inclusion and quality of life in rural Norway - Kjersti Tandberg and Jill Merethe Loga
    17 A comparison of health-related quality of life in rural and metropolitan areas of Australia: The Contribution of Sport and Physical Activity - Rochelle Eime, Jack Harvey, Melanie Charity and Hans Westerbeek

    Part IV: Measuring rural quality of life
    Framing essay IV - Henrik Lauridsen Lolle
    18 Differences in subjective well-being between rural and urban areas in Denmark - Henrik Lauridsen Lolle
    19 Subjective well-being in urban and rural Italy: Comparing two survey waves (2008-2018) - Federica Vigano, Enzo Grossi and Giorgio Tavano Blessi
    20 Subjective wellbeing in rural and urban areas under the Covid-19 crisis in France - Marta Pasqualini
    21 Using a new method to map quality of life - Rolf Lyneborg Lund
    22 Outdoor recreation and the wellbeing of rural residents: Insight from Scotland - Kathryn Colley, Margaret Currie & Katherine N. Irvine
    23 Does urban green add to happiness? - Ruut Veenhoven, Nivré Claire Wagner and Jan Ott

    24 Conclusions: What have we learned about rural quality of life and how do we procede? - Pia Heike Johansen, Anne Tietjen, Evald Bundgård Iversen, Henrik Lolle and Jens Kaae Fisker



    Pia Heike Johansen is associate professor of rural sociology at University of Southern Denmark

    Anne Tietjen is associate professor of landscape architecture and urban design at Copenhagen University

    Evald Bundgaard Iversen is associate professor of public management at the University of Southern Denmark

    Henrik Lauridsen Lolle is associate professor in political sociology at Aalborg University

    Jens Kaae Fisker is associate professor in political geography at Stavanger University

    Rural quality of life

    Edited by Pia Heike Johansen, Anne Tietjen, Evald Bundgård Iversen, Henrik Lauridsen Lolle, Jens Kaae Fisker

    Hardcover £100.00 / $160.00

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