The Gulf States and the Horn of Africa

Interests, influences and instability

Edited by Robert Mason and Simon Mabon

The Gulf States and the Horn of Africa


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  • ISBN: 978-1-5261-6216-8
  • Pages: 320
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • Published Date: January 2022
  • BIC Category: POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / African, POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / Middle Eastern, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Geopolitics, POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / Diplomacy, Society & social sciences / Geopolitics, Society & social sciences / International relations, East Africa, Middle East, International Relations
  • Series: Identities and Geopolitics in the Middle East


This volume offers a timely analysis of interaction between states from the Persian Gulf and their counterparts in the Horn of Africa to reflect on the regional and international politics of the Horn of Africa and Red Sea areas. It critically reflects on the nature of inter-regional relations, contributing theoretical and empirical observations on a timely and important set of relations.


Introduction - Robert Mason

Part I: The view from the Gulf
1 Patterns of External Involvement in the Modern Political History of the Horn of Africa States- Brendon J. Cannon and Ash Rossiter
2 Pushing the Envelope of National Security and State Influence at the Margins: Saudi and Iranian Competition in the Horn of Africa - Robert Mason
3 Iran's Foreign Policy and Developmental Activities in Africa: Between Expansionist Ambitions and Hegemonic Constraints - Eric Lob
4 Extended States: The Politics and Purpose of UAE Economic Statecraft in the Horn of Africa - Karen E. Young and Taimur Khan
5 The Turkey-Qatar Alliance: Through the Gulf and Into the Horn of Africa - Marwa Maziad
6 Inter-Regional Embedded Security Model: Turkish and Emirati Engagement in the Horn of Africa - Umer Karim
7 Strategic Geography in Jeopardy: Qatar-Gulf Crisis and the Horn of Africa - Abdinor Dahir
8 Kuwait's Foreign Relations with East Africa - Mara Leichtman

Part II: The view from the Horn of Africa
9 Djibouti: Bridging the Gulf of Aden? Balancing Ports, Patronage and Military Bases between Yemen's War and the Horn - David Styan
10 Engaging Foreign Powers for Regime Survival: The Relative Autonomy of Coastal Horn of Africa States in their Relations with Gulf Countries - Aleksi Ylönen
11 Sudan's Foreign Policy Predicament in the Context of the GCC Diplomatic Rift - Mohammed Sharfi

Conclusion - Simon Mabon



Robert Mason is a Fellow at The Sectarianism, Proxies and De-sectarianisation (SEPAD) project and Non-Resident Fellow, Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington

Simon Mabon is Director of SEPAD and Professor of International Politics at Lancaster University

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