Researching animal research

What the humanities and social sciences can contribute to laboratory animal science and welfare

Edited by Gail Davies, Beth Greenhough, Pru Hobson-West, Robert G. W. Kirk, Alexandra Palmer and Emma Roe

Researching animal research
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  • Publish Date: Jan 2024
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    • Format: eBook
    • ISBN: 978-1-5261-6576-3
    • Published Date: January 2024
    • Series: Inscriptions


    Every year around 80 million scientific procedures are carried out on animals globally. These experiments have the potential to generate new understandings of biology and clinical treatments. They also give rise to ongoing societal debate.

    This book demonstrates how the humanities and social sciences can contribute to understanding what is created through animal procedures - including constitutional forms of research governance, different institutional cultures of care, the professional careers of scientists and veterinarians, collaborations with patients and publics, and research animals, specially bred for experiments or surplus to requirements.

    Developing the idea of the animal research nexus, this book explores how connections and disconnections are made between these different elements, how these have reshaped each other historically, and how they configure the current practice and policy of UK animal research.


    Gail Davies, Beth Greenhough, Pru Hobson-West, Robert G.W. Kirk, Alexandra Palmer, and Emma Roe
    Part I
    Changing and implementing regulation
    1. A 'fragile consensus'? The origins of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986
    Dmitriy Myelnikov
    2. Outside of regulations, outside of imaginations: why is it challenging to care about horseshoe crabs?
    Richard Gorman
    3. 'The place for a dog is in the home': why does species matter when rehoming laboratory animals?
    Tess Skidmore
    4. Commentaries on changing and implementing regulation
    Edited by Robert G.W. Kirk
    4.1 Accentuate the positive. silence the negative
    Liz Tyson
    4.2 The institutional life of animals
    Amy Hinterberger
    4.3 Regulatory connections and challenges
    Robert G.W. Kirk
    Part II
    Culturing and sustaining care
    5. Subjugated Love: aligning care with science in the history of laboratory animal research.
    Robert G. W. Kirk
    6. Culturing care in animal research
    Beth Greenhough and Emma Roe
    7. The good aquarist: morality, emotions, and expectations of care in zebrafish aquariums
    Reuben Message
    8. Commentaries on culturing and sustaining care
    Edited by Beth Greenhough
    8.1 Balancing the personal and the professional when culturing care in animal research
    Jordi L. Tremoleda and Angela Kerton
    8.2 Incommensurable care
    Eva Haifa Giraud
    8.3 What constitutes care-in-practice?
    Beth Greenhough
    Part III
    Distributing expertise and accountability
    9. (Dis)placing veterinary medicine: veterinary borderlands in laboratory animal research
    Alistair Anderson & Pru Hobson-West
    10. 'Field folk': citizen scientists and the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act
    Alexandra Palmer
    11. 'Knowledge is power, and I do want to know more': exploring assumptions around patient involvement in animal research
    Gail Davies, Richard Gorman, and Gabrielle King
    12. 'Bred, but not used': understandings of avoidable and unavoidable waste in animal research
    Sara Peres and Emma Roe
    13. Commentaries on distributing expertise and accountability
    Edited by Pru Hobson-West
    13.1 Outsiders on the inside: citizens and scholars in animal research
    Larry Carbone
    13.2 Moving forward - the need for more meaningful conversations around animal research
    Ngaire Dennison
    13.3 Experts and expertise in researching animal research
    Pru Hobson-West
    Part IV
    Experimenting with openness and engagement
    14. The Mouse Exchange: what can curiosity-driven public engagement activities contribute to dialogues about animal research?
    Emma Roe, Sara Peres and Bentley Crudgington
    15. Labelling medicines as developed using animals? Opening up the topic of animal research
    Renelle McGlacken and Pru Hobson-West
    16. Building participation through fictional worlds
    Bentley Crudgington, Natalie Scott, Joe Thorpe, and Amy Fleming
    17. Commentaries on experimenting with openness and engagement
    Edited by Emma Roe
    17.1 Changing openness agendas in animal research
    Bella Lear
    17.2 Can I be honest? Querying kinship and communication in animal research
    Louise Mackenzie
    17.3 Are we asking the right questions about openness?
    Emma Roe
    Carrie Friese
    Select bibliography


    Gail Davies is Professor in Human Geography at the University of Exeter
    Pru Hobson-West is Professor of Science, Medicine and Society at the University of Nottingham
    Beth Greenhough is Professor in Human Geography and Fellow of Keble College at the University of Oxford
    Robert G. W. Kirk is Reader in Medical History and Humanities at the University of Manchester
    Alexandra Palmer is a Research Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences and School of Social Sciences at the University of Auckland
    Emma Roe is Professor in Human Geography at the University of Southampton

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