Doggy people

The Victorians who made the modern dog

By Michael Worboys

Doggy people
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  • Publish Date: Feb 2023
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN: 978-1-5261-6772-9
    • Pages: 312
    • Price: £20.00
    • Published Date: February 2023


    We know that there were dogs in Victorian Britain, but who were the 'Doggy People' who kept them, bred them, showed them, worked with them and cared for them?

    Chapter by chapter, this book reveals the varied and often eccentric lives of the Victorians who helped define dogs as we know them today. The cast runs from the very pinnacle of society, Queen Victoria, to near the bottom with Jemmy Shaw, a publican, boxer, promoter of dog-fights and rat-killing. The others include an artist, aristocrats, authors, a clergyman, doctors, a dog-dealer, a feminist, journalists, landowners, millionaires, philanthropists, politicians, scientists, a stockbroker, veterinarians, and a showman - none other their Charles Cruft.

    Looking at the invention and meaning of new breeds such as poodles, collies, Jack Russells, and borzois amongst others, we see how the Victorians thought about pets, sports, dog shows and animal rights.


    'Doggy People offers an entertaining, indispensable, and insightful guide to the cast of Victorian characters who created the dogs that live amongst us today'
    Chris Pearson, Author of Dogopolis: How dogs and Humans made modern New York, London, and Paris

    'Well researched, concise and accessible, Worboys traces the fascinating history of how and why Victorian society realigned the canine / human relationship - an engaging addition to this absorbing area of enquiry.'
    Hilda Kean, author of Animal Rights; The Great Cat & Dog Massacre; The Routledge Companion to Animal-Human History

    'Worboys succeeds in taking an arch, humorous view of each subject without descending into caricature. Anecdotes are interwoven with a curriculum vitae of canine-related exploits. The breadth and depth of the research are worn lightly, but nonetheless invest the book - which might easily have descended into a treasury of trivia - with an underlying rigour and an eye for social history.'
    TLS, James Cahill, June 2023


    High society, low society
    1. Queen Victoria | Family pets
    2. Bill George | King of the Canine Castle
    3. Jemmy Shaw | The Fancy
    4. Duchess of Newcastle | Borzois and Fox Terriers
    Celebrities and millionaires
    5. Jack Russell | Terriers
    6. Edwin Landseer | Canine characters
    7. Harry Panmure Gordon and J. P. Morgan| Collies
    8. Alice Stennard Robinson | Ladies Kennel Association
    Sportsmen and showmen
    9. John Henry Walsh ('Stonehenge') | Breed and breeds
    10. Richard Lloyd Price | Sheepdog trials
    11. John Henry Salter | Field trials
    12. Charles Cruft | Dog shows
    Doctors and scientists
    13. Delabere Blaine and William Youatt | Dog doctors
    14. Charles Darwin | Evolution and emotions
    15. Gordon Stables | Canine care and dog tales
    16. Everett Millais | Basset Hounds and breeding
    Campaigners and politicians
    17. Mary Tealby | Dogs' homes
    18. Frances Power Cobbe | Sentient creatures
    19. John Cumming Macdona | St Bernards
    20. Sewallis Shirley | The Kennel Club

    Afterword - Pedigree chums


    Michael Worboys is an Emeritus Professor in the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) at the University of Manchester

    Doggy people

    By Michael Worboys

    Hardcover £20.00 / $29.95

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