The sea in Russian strategy

Edited by Andrew Monaghan and Richard Connolly

The sea in Russian strategy


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  • ISBN: 978-1-5261-6878-8
  • Pages: 240
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • Published Date: July 2023
  • BIC Category: Naval forces & warfare, Military & defence strategy, HISTORY / Military / Naval, Politics, HISTORY / Military / Strategy, POLITICAL SCIENCE / World / Russian & Former Soviet Union, Naval Forces & Warfare, Defence Strategy, Planning & Research, Later 20th century c 1950 to c 1999, Russia, Early 21st century c 2000 to c 2050, Russia
  • Series: Russian Strategy and Power


For the majority of the post-Cold War era, Russian maritime power has hardly featured in the Euro-Atlantic community's thinking. But in the mid-2010s, the idea that the Russian navy poses a threat to NATO began to gain ground. It took very real form in February 2022, when Moscow launched its invasion of Ukraine.

This book presents the first sustained examination of Russian maritime power in the period since the Cold War. It brings together leading specialists from public policy and academia to reflect on historical and contemporary aspects of Russia's naval strategy and capacities. At a time of mounting tensions, which some observers have named the 'Fourth Battle of the Atlantic', the book offers an informed and nuanced discussion, taking into account the view from Moscow and how this differs from western perspectives. It sketches a trajectory of Russia's power at sea and reflects on current capabilities and problems, as well as Moscow's strategic planning for the future.


Foreword - Eleanor Stack
Introduction: the fall and rise of Russia's power at sea - Andrew Monaghan
Part I: Maritime strategies in historical context
1 Russia and some principles of maritime strategy - Andrew Lambert
2 Russia: a sea power of a sort? - Geoffrey Till
Part II: Russia's maritime strategies and capabilities today and tomorrow
3 Russian strategy and power at sea: should we care? - Clive Johnstone
4 Evolution of Russian naval strategy - Michael Kofman
5 Russia as a maritime power: economic interests and capabilities - Richard Connolly
6 Russia's future naval capabilities - Dimtry Gorenburg
Part III: The challenge: the Russian navy in practice
7 Toward an understanding of maritime conflict with Russia - Michael B. Petersen


Andrew Monaghan is Director of the Russia Research Network and a Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London

Richard Connolly is Director of Eastern Advisory Group and an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute in London

The sea in Russian strategy

Edited by Andrew Monaghan, Richard Connolly

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