'Everyday health', embodiment, and selfhood since 1950

Edited by Tracey Loughran, Hannah Froom, Kate Mahoney and Daisy Payling

'Everyday health', embodiment, and selfhood since 1950
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  • Publish Date: Oct 2024
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    What is the history of 'everyday health' in the postwar world, and where might we find it? This volume moves away from top-down histories of health and medicine that focus on states, medical professionals, and other experts. Instead, it centres the day-to-day lives of people in diverse contexts from 1950 to the present. Chapters explore how gender, class, 'race', sexuality, disability, and age mediated experiences of health and wellbeing in historical context. The volume foregrounds methodologies for writing bottom-up histories of health, subjectivity, and embodiment, offering insights applicable to scholars of times and places beyond those represented in the case studies presented here. Drawing together cutting-edge scholarship, the volume establishes and critically interrogates 'everyday health' as a crucial concept that will shape future histories of health and medicine.


    Introduction: 'Everyday health', embodiment, and selfhood since 1950 - Hannah Froom, Tracey Loughran, Kate Mahoney, and Daisy Payling

    Part I: Experiential expertise
    Introduction: Experiential expertise - Hannah Froom and Tracey Loughran
    1. Alex Comfort's The Joy of Sex and the tensions of liberal sexpertise - Ben Mechen
    2. 'Two more calls, one in tears .': emotion, labour, and ethics of care at the Calgary Birth Control Association, 1970-1979 - Karissa Robyn Patton
    3. Expertise and experience in the Greek feminist birth control movement, c. 1974-1986 - Evangelia Chordaki
    4. Migration, kinship, and 'everyday theorising': Black British women's narratives of genetic diagnosis in the postwar National Health Service - Grace Redhead

    Part II: Sites and spaces
    Introduction: Sites and spaces - Tracey Loughran
    5. Writing everyday life into law: the 'household duties test', disabled women, social security, and assumed normality - Gareth Millward
    6. Friendship, mutual aid, and activism in British transfeminine spaces, 1968-1985 - Fleur MacInnes
    7. A private matter? The Brook Advisory Centre and young people's everyday sexual and reproductive health in the 1960s-1980s - Caroline Rusterholz
    8. Queering the agony aunt: reusing and adapting a public engagement activity for different audiences - Daisy Payling

    Part III: Mass media and networks of communication
    Introduction: Mass media and networks of communication - Daisy Payling and Tracey Loughran
    9. 'Thirty years behind England'? Framing 'natural' childbirth in postwar Canada - Whitney Wood
    10.'I started a new life when I joined Gemma': disability, community, and sexuality in Gemma newsletters, 1978-2000 - Beckie Rutherford
    11.Talk shows and 'tanorexia': motherhood and 'sunbed addiction' on British television in the 1990s - Fabiola Creed
    12.'Having been there . I know how hard it is': relatability and ordinariness in twenty-first century British clean eating - Louise Morgan

    Part IV: Subjectivity and intersubjectivity
    Introduction: Subjectivity and intersubjectivity - Kate Mahoney and Tracey Loughran
    13.Girlhood menstrual management and the 'culture of concealment' in postwar Britain - Hannah Froom
    14.Is sex good for you? Risk, reward, and responsibility for young women in the late 1980s - Rosie Gahnstrom, Lucy Robinson, and Rachel Thomson
    15.'What your generation probably don't understand is .': exploring intergenerational dynamics in oral history - Kate Mahoney
    16.Cultivating vulnerability: power and the emotional ethics of oral history practice beyond the interview - Tracey Loughran
    . and breathe: style narratives at home March 2020-March 2021 - Carol Tulloch


    Hannah Froom is an independent early career scholar.
    Tracey Loughran: is a Professor at the University of Manchester.
    Kate Mahoney is a Research Manager at Healthwatch Essex, and a Community Fellow at the University of Essex.
    Daisy Payling is an Engagement Officer at Queen Mary University of London.

    'Everyday health', embodiment, and selfhood since 1950

    Edited by Tracey Loughran, Hannah Froom, Kate Mahoney, Daisy Payling

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