The Persian Gulf triangle

Strategic relations between Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States

By Luíza Cerioli

The Persian Gulf triangle
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  • Publish Date: Dec 2024
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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    This book offers a nuanced snapshot of the complex geopolitical dynamics in the Persian Gulf, underlining the interaction between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the US. Examining their interwoven relations since the 1970s, Luíza Cerioli's framework reveals how changes in US-Saudi ties have ripple effects on Iran-US and Iran-Saudi relations and vice versa. Using a historical lens, she explores how enduring US-Saudi connections hinge on order expectations, delves into the cognitive factors shaping US-Iran enmity and traces the source of oscillation in the Saudi-Iran ties. Employing Neoclassical Realism, the book investigates status-seeking, national identities and leadership preferences, offering a deeper understanding of the region's multipolar system. By combining International Relations and Middle East Studies, Cerioli's work contributes to both fields, unravelling the intricate interplay between international structures, regional nuances and agency in shaping Persian Gulf geopolitics.


    1 The Persian Gulf Regional System: Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United States as regional actors
    2 Neoclassical Realism and the strategic triangle: Constructing the Framework for Iran - US - Saudi Arabia
    3 The ménage à trois triangle (1969 to 1979): The Twin Pillar Diplomacy Revisited
    4 The stable marriage triangle (1979 to 1989): Consolidation of the Carter Doctrine
    5 The romantic triangle (1989 to 2003): The Saudi Iranian rapprochment
    6 The stable marriage revised (2003 to 2014): Back to the future or establishing rivalry?
    Conclusion: The fifth triangle in a growing multipolar Middle East


    Luíza Cerioli is a Political Science Researcher at the University of Kassel.

    The Persian Gulf triangle

    By Luíza Cerioli

    Hardcover £85.00 / $130.00

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