Theatre, activism, subjectivity

Searching for the Left in a fragmented world

Edited by Bishnupriya Dutt and Silvija Jestrovic

Theatre, activism, subjectivity
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  • Publish Date: Jul 2024
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    Through the lens of performance and politics, this collection zooms in on the context-specific dimensions, analogies, and micro-histories of the Left to better understand the larger picture. It proposes a search for the Left not from totalising Leftist ideological positions and partisan politics but from ethical dimensions through smaller-scale Left-leaning struggles; not from the political to the aesthetic, but from the potentiality of art to offer new political imagination and critique; not from the individual subordinated to the collective, but from the dialectics of subjectivity and collectivity. This is not an attempt at a sweeping global overview of Leftist cultures either, but a collection that brings together culture-specific and comparative perspectives. This book searches for fragments of and on the Left, past and present, through which to rethink and patch a fragmented world.


    Forward - Partha Chatterjee
    Introduction: Searching for the Left in a Fragmented World - Silvija Jestrovic & Bishnupriya Dutt

    Part I: Activism
    1 Performing the Constitution as an insurgent document - Nivedita Menon
    2 Revolution: Like. Share. Subscribe - Dragan Todorovic
    3 The 'Hunger Artists': Hunger protests, prisons and insurgent citizenship - Anupama Roy and Ujjwal Kumar Singh
    4 Of Quiet Resistance: Shy Radicals, divergent world-making and the poetics of statecraft - Anika Marschall

    Part II: Theatre
    5 Acting Politically: Making performance in the eye of history - Adrian Kear
    6 Theatre of the streets-of the working class: strikes, protests, and democratization of life - Bishnupriya Dutt
    7 The Cheviot and its Legacies: Dramaturgies of the Left in Scottish Theatre - Trish Reid
    8 Between the Right and the Left: Staging political, emotional and social polarizations on Canadian stage - Yana Meerzon
    9 The Indiscreet Charm of Left nostalgia: Reeking redolence in the contemporary - Ameet Parameswaran
    10 Staging Revolution: Utpal Dutt's Kallol (1965) and the Question of 'Spectacular' Aesthetics in Calcutta's Leftist Theatre Practice - Trina Neelina Banerjee
    11 Love in the time of revolution: Exploring political theatre of Utpal Dutt - Mallarika Sinha Roy

    Part III: Subjectivity
    12 Revolutionary intimacies: Friendship, love, and theatre - Silvija Jestrovic
    13 The fraught act of speaking for / about the communist women - Urmimala Sarkar Munsi
    14 One always fails to speak of the things one loves: Memories of border crossings - Shirin M Rai
    15 Why I am still a Socialist - Janelle Reinelt


    Bishnupriya Dutt is Professor of Theatre and Performance at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University
    Silvija Jestrovic is Professor of Theatre and Performance at the University of Warwick

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