Global counter-terrorism

A decolonial approach

Edited by Tahir Abbas, Sylvia I. Bergh and Sagnik Dutta

Global counter-terrorism
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  • Publish Date: Feb 2025
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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    • Format: Hardcover
    • ISBN: 978-1-5261-7861-9
    • Pages: 304
    • Price: £90.00
    • Published Date: February 2025


    This collection aims to inaugurate a new direction in research on counterterrorism by exploring global connections - both in terms of practices and discourses, as well as shared ideas and epistemes - that animate counterterrorism practices. The chapters - grouped under the themes of postcoloniality and coloniality, and entanglements of the transnational and the local, and counterterrorism and right-wing extremism - are attentive to global connections and are mindful of the complexities of global historical processes that constitute the politics of counterterrorism. This book aims to bring together scholars studying counterterrorism in the global North and the global South to explore convergence and divergence in how counterterrorism policies function in a range of national and local contexts.


    'This edited collection is as timely as it is impressive. It showcases the work of international scholars working across a diverse range of disciplines, affording unusual breadth as well as remarkable depth. The book not only interrogates dominant approaches toward the study of terrorism and prevention of politically and religiously motivated violence from within the West, it proposes alternate and more inclusive perspectives, drawing across detailed case studies from countries in the Global South. In both charting and challenging the rise and consolidation of colonial epistemes in studies of terrorism, this landmark text will serve as a crucial inflection point.
    It is rare to find a collection that seamlessly blends together contributions from seasoned scholars with those offered by exciting and talented upcoming researchers. Further, this enterprise yields novelty and originality, as both conceptual and policy focussed similarities and differences are illuminated between the global North and the global South.
    A must read for academics, policy makers and those with a keen interest in security politics and international relations.' Professor Gabe Mythen, Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology/School of Law and Social Justice /University of Liverpool

    'Global counterterrorism: A decolonial approach lays down an important challenge - if studies of counterterrorism begin with 9/11, then counterterrorism outside the Global North is sidelined in our analyses. Beginning with 9/11 also silences the important connections between imperial laws imposed to quash rebellion in the colonies and the pre-emptive counterterrorism regimes used today. Refreshingly, this important volume draws upon case studies from Egypt, India, Pakistan, as well France, Norway, Britain and the USA - decentring 9/11 and highlighting the colonial matrix of power which structures policing, racialised othering, and counterterrorism powers across the globe. Happily, the volume does also take a pluralist approach to theory and method, with feminist analyses, framing theory and discourse analysis making appearances alongside decolonial approaches. A wonderful and varied volume which should make an appearance on every course list.' Professor Charlotte Heath-Kelly, PAIS, University of Warwick


    Introduction: Counterterrorism in a global context: a decolonial approach - Sagnik Dutta, Tahir Abbas, and Sylvia I. Bergh
    Part I: Colonialism and counterterrorism
    1. Colonial law and normal violence: The racialised, gendered and classed development of counterterrorism - Alice Finden
    2. Pashtun stereotyping and the marginalisation of non-violent movements in post-9/11 Pakistan - Farooq Yousaf
    3. Policing 'terrorist' propaganda: A study of counterterrorism strategies in colonial Bengal (1908-1918) - Lumbini Sharma
    4. The French domestic counterterrorism framework: Unravelling the colonial matrix in shaping bodies and the response to terrorism - Marine Guéguin
    Part II Global, national, and everyday counterterrorism practices
    5. Comparative counterterrorism: All for One, but NOT One for All - Graig R. Klein
    6. After the bombing of the Norwegian Government Quarter on 22 July 2011: Changes in discourses on urban counterterrorism 1990-2020 - Sissel Haugdal Jore
    7. 'It takes a village': The collective securitization of social policy related to preventing and countering violent extremism (PCVE) in the European Union - Inés Bolaños-Somoano
    8. The individual and the intimate in counter-terrorism: the case of the British government's Prevent Strategy - Amna Kaleem
    Part III: Counterterrorism, radicalisation, and right-wing extremism
    9. The securitisation of Muslims and the growth of far-right extremism in Canada - Naved Bakali and Barbara Perry
    10. The spectre of the predatory Muslim man: Tracing far-right gendered imaginaries and counter-terrorism policies in the cases of love jihad and the Great Replacement - Eviane Leidig
    11. Conspiracy theories and right-wing extremism: The case of Q-Anon - Dean Smith, Ewan Bottomley, and Ken Mavor


    Sagnik Dutta is Associate Professor at Jindal Global Law School, OP Jindal Global University. Tahir Abbas is Professor of Radicalisation Studies at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University. Sylvia I. Bergh is Associate Professor in Development Management and Governance at the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Senior Researcher at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

    Global counter-terrorism

    Edited by Tahir Abbas, Sylvia I. Bergh, Sagnik Dutta

    Hardcover £90.00 / $140.00

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