Karl Polanyi

The Hungarian writings

Edited by Gareth Dale

Karl Polanyi


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  • Published Date: July 2016
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This is the first work to offer a collection of Polanyi's texts never before published in English. The book presents articles, papers, lectures, speeches, notes, and draft manuscripts, mostly written between 1907 and 1923, with the exception of a few later texts. Organised thematically around religion, ethics, ideology, world politics and Hungarian politics, the topics include contemporary thinkers, the Galilei Circle, the Tisza government, the Aster and the Bolshevik Revolutions, the Councils Republic, the Radical Citizens' Party, Hungarian democracy, the national question, political conviction, fatalism, British socialism, political theory and violence, and more. Each section includes a discussion of the political and intellectual contexts in which the texts were written.

Karl Polanyi: The Hungarian writings is an outstanding and essential resource that brings to light for the first time the works of a key thinker who is relevant to today's study of globalisation, neoliberalism, social movements, and international social policy.


Part I: Religion, metaphysics and ethics
1. 'Culture-Pseudo-culture,'
2. Preface to Ernö Mach's The Analysis of Sensations
3. Faith and credulity
4. On the destructive turn
5. Speech on the meaning of conviction
6. A lesson learned
7. The Calling of Our Generation
8. Oration to the youth of the Galilei Circle
9. The Resurrection of Jesus
Part II: Political ideologies
10. 'The Crisis of Our Ideologies'
11. 'Radical bourgeois politics'
12. Bourgeois Radicals, Socialists and the Established Opposition
13. The programme and goals of radicalism.
14. Radical Party and Bourgeois Party
15. Manual and Intellectual Labour
16. The test of socialism
17. Believing and Unbelieving Politics
18. 'The constitution of socialist Britain'
19. 'H.G. Wells, the socialist'
20. 'Karl Kautsky and democracy'
21. 'Guild socialism'
22. 'Guild and State'
23. 'The historical background of the social revolutionaries'
Part III: World politics and philosophy of history
24. 'The clowns of world peace'
25. 'New Era'
26. Against fear
27. The question of war and peace in Geneva
28. 'Uncle Polly'
29. The rebirth of democracy
30. 'Titanic journalism'
31. 'H. G. Wells on salvaging civilisation'
32. The defenders of race in Berlin
33. 'Whites, blacks, and browns'
Part IV: Hungarian politics and history
34. Magyar hegemony and the nationalities
35. Law and violence
36. 'Civil War'
37. The Galilei Circle: A balance sheet
38. 'Concealed Foreign Rule and Socialist Economics'
Part V: Correspondence
39. Letter to Georg Lukács, 18 August 1908
40. Letter to Georg Lukács, 9 December 1908
41. Letter to Endre Ady, Budapest, 2 February 1909
42. Letter to Maria Lukács, from Dresden, 25 October 1911
43. Letter to Lukács, 31 January 1912
44. 'The goals of Hungarian democracy,' letter to the editor of Láthatár, Vienna, 1927
45. Letter to Mihály Károlyi, President of the British-Hungarian Council, London, 6 December 1944
46. Letter to Mihály Károlyi, London, 15 April 1946
47. Letter to Oszkár Jászi, London, 15 May 1946
48. Letter to Bandi [Endre] Havas, 25 October 1946.
49. Letter to Jászi, 27 October 1950
50. Letter to György Heltai, 24 April 1960
51. Letter to György Heltai, 21 May 1960
52. Letter to István Mészáros, from Karl Polanyi and Ilona Duczynska, 30 March 1961
53. Letter to the editors of Új Látóhatár, 24 April 1961
54. Letter to István Mészáros, 24 April 1961
55. Letter to Lukács, 27 May 1963
56. Letter to Lukács, 25 January 1964


Gareth Dale is Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Brunel University London

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