Authority and society in Nantes during the French Wars of Religion, 1558-1598

By Elizabeth C. Tingle

Authority and society in Nantes during the French Wars of Religion, 1558-1598
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    This study explores the theory and practice of authority during the later sixteenth century, in the religious culture and political institutions of the city of Nantes, where the religious wars traditionally came to an end with the great Edict of 1598.

    The Wars of Religion witnessed serious challenges to the authority of the last Valois kings of France. Through detailed examination of the municipal and ecclesiastical records of Nantes, the author considers challenges to authority, its renegotiation and reconstruction in the city during the civil war period. The book surveys the socio-economic structures of the city, details the growth of the Protestant church, assesses the impact of sectarian conflict and the early counter reform movement on the Catholic Church, and evaluates the changing political relations of the city council with the population and with the French crown. Finally, Tingle focuses on the Catholic League rebellion against the king and the question of why Nantes held out against Henry IV longer than any other French city.


    1. Introduction. Authority and society in sixteenth-century Nantes
    2. Setting the scene: the city and its people in the mid-sixteenth century
    3. Challenges to authority: the development of Protestantism in Nantes 1558-1572
    4. City governance in crisis: crown, Conseil and municipality in the early religious wars 1559-1574
    5. Taxation, war and rebellion. Nantes and Henry III 1574-1589
    6. The authority of tradition. Catholicism in Nantes 1560-1589
    7. Nantes and the Catholic League rebellion 1589-1598
    8. Conclusions. Authority and society in Nantes during the religious wars


    Elizabeth C. Tingle is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Northampton

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