Armchair Events

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new series of online book talks:  MUP Armchair Events. All of our upcoming events are listed below, including links to register your place. The events are free and open to all. You can also view a list of past events and watch the recordings.

The last few weeks have been tough, with many of us confined to our homes and unable to connect with friends, colleagues and family. We hope this series can offer a mixture of much needed distraction, familiarity and insight during these challenging times

We look forward to your participation. Turn on, tune in and stay safe…


June events


Researching your house history – Deborah Sugg Ryan and Melanie Backe-Hansen in conversation with Nick Barratt

Ideal homes: Uncovering the history and design of the interwar house

Thursday 11th June 2pm BST

Register your place: Researching your house history Armchair Event

Join A House Through Time experts Deborah Sugg Ryan and Melanie Backe-Hansen as they provide advice and tips for anyone wanting to research their house history. Have you ever thought to yourself ‘who lived in my house before me?’ Are you curious to know if your house is concealing secrets? Or hiding any original features? In this online event Deborah and Melanie will discuss the resources you can access (many for free), the best place to start and what you can accomplish with those special finds and discoveries when researching the history of your home.


Author talk: Alex Schafran, Matthew Noah Smith and Stephen Hall

The spatial contract: A new politics of provision for an urbanized planet

Monday 15th June 2pm BST

Register your place: The spatial contract Armchair Event

Housing. Water. Energy. Transport. Food. Education. Health care. These are the core systems which make human life possible in the 21st century. The ‘spatial contract’ is a form of social contract that pays attention to a simple fact: in order for humans to be free, we rely on these basic systems that enable us to act.


Author talk: David Bolton – recovering from the trauma of Covid-19

Conflict, peace and mental health: Addressing the consequences of conflict and trauma in Northern Ireland

Tuesday 16th June 2pm BST

Register your place: Recovering from the trauma of Covid-19 Armchair Event

“This is a book full of civility, humanism and evidence in relation to the psychological consequences of societal violence.”
– Brendan Bunting, Professor of Psychology, Ulster University


Author talk: Aeron Davis

Reckless opportunists: Elites at the end of the Establishment

Thursday 18th June 2pm BST

Register your place: Reckless opportunists Armchair Event

“Aeron Davis pulls back the curtain on the wizards of Oz who rule us. And having studied them for decades he tells their story brilliantly. They were never as good as we were led to believe.”
– Danny Dorling, Professor of Geography, University of Oxford


Author talk: Peter J. Verovšek

Memory and the future of Europe: Rupture and integration in the wake of total war

Monday 22nd June 2pm BST

Register your place: Memory and the future of Europe Armchair Event

“For everyone who wants to understand how, in the last century, collective war memories shaped the EU we live in today and how, through generational dynamics, this “utopian vision” of Europe, which was turned into concrete politics and institutions, was eroded over time, this book is a must read.”
– Ulrike Guérot, Professor of European Politics and the Study of Democracy at Danube University Krems and Founder of the European Democracy Lab


Author talk: Katharine Dommett

The reimagined party: Democracy, change and the public

Wednesday 24th June 2pm BST

Register your place: The reimagined party Armchair Event

“In an era of citizen discontent with partisan alternatives, this timely and thought-provoking study draws on new public opinion data and a deep knowledge of party practices to suggest ways that British parties could change to deliver the representation that Britons want from their parties.”
– Susan E. Scarrow, John and Rebecca Moores Professor, University of Houston


Author talk: Anna Killick

Rigged: Understanding ‘the economy’ in Brexit Britain

Monday 29th June 2pm BST

Register your place: Rigged Armchair Event

“Rich and packed with detail, Rigged provides a fascinating insight into the nation’s relationship with its economy. Killick shows us that listening to people talk about “the economy”, whatever they understand it to mean, is vitally important to understanding the world today.”
– Joe Earle is co-author of The Econocracy and Chief Executive of Economy (


Author talk: Rowland Atkinson

Domestic fortress: Fear and the new home front

Tuesday 30th June 2pm BST

Register your place: Domestic fortress Armchair Event

“Incisive, powerful, accessible and vitally necessary, ‘Domestic Fortress’ is an urgent and important book that should be read by anyone keen to get to grips with the ways homes are morphing into fortresses across the world.”
– Stephen Graham, Newcastle university, author of Cities under Siege


Missed an Armchair Event? All of our events are recorded and added to our YouTube channel. You can view a list of past events and watch the recordings so you won’t be missing out.

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