Researching Drug Smuggler Nation

By Stephen Snelders   The Netherlands has the reputation of a stable, law-abiding democracy. But the country has its other sides as well. Internationally it is seen as a hedonistic Mecca for drug... READ MORE

Marx As A Reader Of Dickens

In 1848 The Communist Manifesto argued that the bourgeoisie ‘for exploitation, veiled by religious and political illusions…has substituted naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation.’ This... READ MORE

New Gothic books in 2020

New Gothic books in 2020 We’re very proud of the fantastic Gothic books we’ve published this year, take a look at our overview below… Here’s to another exciting year of... READ MORE

Nine facts about Bog Bodies

Archaeology, Human Remains, Exhibitions By Melanie Giles   Bog Bodies are the best-preserved human remains from NW Europe. They have inspired poetry, art and literature. Bogs are not just... READ MORE

The Blunt Affair: Forty Years On

By Jonathan Bolton Author of The Blunt Affair: Official Secrecy and Treason in Literature, Television and Film, 1980-89 In writing a book about the cultural response to the Blunt Affair in the 1980s,... READ MORE

Painting Dublin, 1886 – 1949

By Kathryn Milligan   ‘To understand Dublin,’ Oliva Robertson wrote, ‘one must know its life in its fashionable squares and in its slums, in its suburbs and in its Georgian tenements; the... READ MORE

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