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Posted by Chris Hart - Wednesday, 1 Sep 2021


Take a look at MUP’s selection of gothic books, featuring some of our bestselling books from the last few years. Please share the list with your friends and let us know if you think we’ve missed something out!



Monstrous media/spectral subjects


Fred Botting, Catherine Spooner

Explores the intersection of monsters, ghosts, representation and technology in Gothic texts from the nineteenth century to the present.

Gothic Renaissance


Elisabeth Bronfen, Beate Neumeier

Collection of essays by experts in Renaissance and Gothic studies tracks the lines of connection between Gothic sensibilities and the discursive network of the Renaissance

The Gothic and death


Carol Davison

An interdisciplinary collection providing new perspective on the interface between the gothic and death, with fresh readings of established, overlooked and recent Gothic works across a variety of cultural and literary forms.

Gothic kinship


Agnes Andeweg, Sue Zlosnik

Brings together case studies of Gothic kinship ties in film and literature and offers a synthesis and theorization of the different appearances of the Gothic family



Glennis Byron

This collection of essays redefines what gothic has become in the contemporary world, examining the idea of an emerging gothic that is inextricable from the broader global context in which it circulates. Globalgothic expands the horizons of the genre in diverse new and exciting ways.



Andrew Smith, William Hughes

This book will provide the first study of how the Gothic engages with ecocritical ideas. The book's focus is from the late eighteenth century to the present day, via consideration of a number of national and global contexts and different media including short stories, novels and films.

Gothic death 1740-1914


Andrew Smith

Drawing on a range of popular Gothic and Victorian novels, poems and short stories, this book provides the first full length study of representations of death and dying in Gothic texts between 1740 and 1914.

Sinister histories


Jonathan Dent

Showing how the Gothic can be read as a complex reaction to Enlightenment methods of historical representation, Sinister histories uncovers hitherto neglected relationships between Gothic texts and prominent works of eighteenth-century history.

Alan Moore and the Gothic tradition


Matthew Green

The first book-length study to address Moore's significance to the Gothic, this volume is also the first to provide in-depth analyses of his spoken-word performances, poetry and prose, as well as his comics and graphic novels.

Open graves, open minds


Sam George, William Hughes

Relates the Undead in literature and other media to questions concerning genre, technology, consumption and social change

Dangerous bodies


Marie Mulvey-Roberts

A detailed examination of how certain Gothic bodies have taken on mythical status within western culture.

Men with stakes


Julia Wright

Moves beyond a focus on gothic machinery and adaptations of literary gothic to consider television gothic in light of recent scholarship on the mode itself.

Decadent daughters and monstrous mothers


Rebecca Munford

Decadent daughters and monstrous mothers interrogates Angela Carter's feminist politics through the lens of European Gothic. It illuminates her ambivalent relation to her European literary forebears, reveals her rich knowledge of French literature and offers fresh insights into her literary practices afforded by newly available archival material.

Charles Robert Maturin and the haunting of Irish romantic Fiction


Christina Morin

A clear, theoretically-grounded, chronological study of Maturin's six novels. A new critical paradigm by which to view and read Irish Romantic fiction. Offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of Maturin and his fiction available today.

Queering the Gothic


William Hughes, Andrew Smith

A first rate collection of essays on queer Gothic, ranging from 'Frankenstein' to George Eliot, E.M.Forster to Michael Jackson. Provides a chronological investigation of the Gothic from the eighteenth century to the present day and in doing so produces a new way of reading the Gothic tradition.

Gothic television


Helen Wheatley

This book is the first in-depth study of the Gothic on television. It defines and explores key instances of the genre across the history of television drama in the UK and US. The book builds a strong argument for the fact that the Gothic, in its various guises, is well-suited to television as a domestic medium.

Fashioning Gothic bodies


Catherine Spooner

This innovative book is the first to make an explicit link between constructions of the body in Gothic literature and film and historically specific fashion discourse, from the 1790s to the 1990s.

Gothic writing 1750-1820


Robert Miles

An intriguing overview of Gothic literature

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