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Ahead of the new academic year starting, we’re highlighting some of our new and bestselling textbooks. All books included below are available to buy at 50% off until the 17th September 2021. Just add TEXTBOOK50 at the checkout to claim your discount.

The fantasy fiction formula

A guide to the nuts and bolts of fantasy writing that illustrates techniques with examples drawn from published fantasy fiction and offers plentiful drills and exercises to help students hone their writing skills.

A writer's guide to Ancient Rome

For writers of Roman historical fiction: a basic guide to family life, food & clothing, housing & travel, law & order, economics, religion, and entertainment.

The history of emotions

The first accessible text book on the theories, methods, achievements and problems in this burgeoning field of historical inquiry.


This study presents the key ideas that define History, introducing the reader to the defining practices that characterize the subject. The final three chapters on the History of Nazism; Gender History; and Cultural History seek to demonstrate that the historiographies of these sub-disciplines develop in response to changes within society at large.

The craft of writing in sociology

An essential guide to constructing coherent and powerful arguments, using real examples from student work and demonstrating, step-by-step, how to read critically, write the opening paragraphs of an essay, provide evidence in the middle and construct punchy conclusions.

Mundane Methods

Mundane Methods brings together an exciting array of interdisiplinary approaches to researching the extra-ordinary everyday. Covering themes of materials and memories, emotions and senses, and mobilities and motion, the collection is a practical, hands-on guide for students and scholars interested in studying the mundane.

Doing digital history

A practical guide to digital history, which shows just how much can be done without writing any code. This book will give researchers in history or related fields the skills and confidence to approach existing digital resources and to create their own. Assuming no prior knowledge, the guide focuses on hands-on techniques for working with text.

History through material culture

Material culture is central to human experience and represents a vital but under-used source for historians. Written in a lively and accessible style, this guide provides clear and practical guidance on how to incorporate the study of objects into historical practice.

Using film as a source

A hands-on study skills guide that explores how film and moving image can be used as sources.

Debating medieval Europe

This unique textbook introduces undergraduate students to medieval historiography, providing an entry point for the dense scholarship on the period. Volume I covers the post-Roman world, from 450 to 1050.

Beginning theory

Beginning theory has been helping students navigate through the thickets of literary and cultural theory for over two decades. This new and expanded fourth edition continues to offer readers the best...

Beginning classical social theory

This book introduces students and educated general readers to thirteen key social theorists by way of examining a single, exemplary text by each author, ranging from Comte to Adorno. It answers the need for a book that helps students develop the skill to critically read theory.

Beginning film studies

The perfect one-stop-shop for anyone starting film studies.

The houses of history

An updated edition of this accessible critical reader, with additional chapters including an introduction that contextualises the rise of each theoretical perspective and draw links between them.

The law of international organisations

Substantially updated for its third edition, this book provides a concise account of the principles and norms of international law applicable to inter-governmental organisations, with a focus on the UN and its associated bodies.

The Black Death

This book surveys contemporary responses to the Black Death. The sources illustrate the fear that spread with the disease and the diverse ways that such terror influenced social behaviour.

Mummies, magic and medicine in ancient Egypt

This volume presents the latest research on three of the most important aspects of ancient Egyptian civilisation: mummies, magic and medicine. Drawing on recent archaeological fieldwork, new research on human remains, reassessments of ancient texts and modern experimental archaeology, it seeks to answer some of Egyptology's biggest questions.

Cue and Cut

Cue & Cut is a 'practical approach to working in television studios' for anyone who might want to work in that medium. Written by a multi-camera producer-director, it presents both a way of handling studios and a source of information about how things have changed from the days of monochrome to HD tapeless modes - with some thoughts on 3D HDTV

Filmmaking for fieldwork

The underlying principal of this handbook is to broaden the application of ethnographic filmmaking to suit a wide range of research areas and documentary expression, encompassing sensory, fictive, observational, participatory, reflexive, performative and immersive modes of storytelling.

The looking machine

This book of essays brings together his latest ideas on filming, documentary, anthropology and the art of cinema, based on his practice as an award-winning maker of ethnographic films.

Art history

This popular textbook provides a lively introduction to methodological debates in art history, from Hegel to the present day. The second edition has been updated to address the latest developments in gender studies, decolonialism and global art.

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