Our spooky season reading list

Posted by Bethan Hirst - Monday, 25 Oct 2021


To celebrate Halloween this year, we’ve put together a reading list featuring new and bestselling titles from MUP.

All books included in the reading list are 50% off until the 31st October. Simply add Halloween21 at the checkout.

Click on the book cover or title to find out more about each book.

In the company of wolves

Sam George, Bill Hughes

This volume of essays presents innovative research from a variety of perspectives on the cultural significance of wolves, children raised by wolves, and werewolves, as portrayed in different media and genres.

The gothic novel in Ireland, c. 1760-1829

Christina Morin

A compelling account of the development of gothic literature in late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century Ireland.

Mid-century gothic

Lisa Mullen

Mid-Century Gothic offers a fresh perspective on the cultural moment that followed World War II, and discovers a deep sense of unease mingling with optimism about the future. By reassessing the novels, films, visual culture and technologies of the period, the book argues that gothicism itself was redefined by the upstart objects of modernity.

Gothic effigy

David Annwn Jones

An adventurous and wide-ranging survey of Gothic media, this book investigates everything from oil paintings to album cover art, magic lanterns to video games.

Neoliberal gothic

Linnie Blake, Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet, William Hughes

A comprehensive study of how different Gothic forms have adapted, engaged with and represented the neoliberal agenda across the globe.

Nordic Gothic

Maria Holmgren Troy, Johan Hõglund, Yvonne Leffler, Sofia Wijkmark, Jerrold Hogle

Giving an overview of contemporary Nordic Gothic in different media as well as tracing its history, Nordic Gothic also provides a number of case studies and in-depth analyses of individual narratives. It explores Nordic folklore, settings and identities as well as making visible cultural anxieties haunting the welfare state.

Transplantation Gothic

Sara Wasson

Transplantation is a boundary practice unsettling distinctions between self and other, life and death. This book identifies a Gothic mode in representations of the practice in literature, film and science from the nineteenth century to the present, considering hybrid bodies and precarious lives under neoliberal late capitalism.

EcoGothic gardens in the long nineteenth century

Sue Edney

Diverse ecoGothic interpretations of Victorian gardens and their reflections of human disturbance, using material ecocritical methodology to examine uncanny vegetal agency. Monster plants, mystical trees, fairy groves, grim lakes and talking flowers are among the topics, seen through prose, poetry and painting.

Suicide and the Gothic

William Hughes, Andrew Smith, Jerrold Hogle

Suicide and the Gothic is the first study of the representation of suicide in Gothic texts from the eighteenth century to the present. Poems, short stories, novels, films and video games are covered from European, American and Asian contexts.

The Gothic and death

Elisabeth Bronfen, Carol Davison

An interdisciplinary collection providing new perspective on the interface between the gothic and death, with fresh readings of established, overlooked and recent Gothic works across a variety of cultural and literary forms.

Monstrous media/spectral subjects

Fred Botting, Elisabeth Bronfen, Catherine Spooner, Steven Bruhm, Ken Gelder, Jerrold Hogle, Avril Horner, William Hughes

Explores the intersection of monsters, ghosts, representation and technology in Gothic texts from the nineteenth century to the present.


Elisabeth Bronfen, Glennis Byron, Steven Bruhm, Ken Gelder, Jerrold Hogle, Avril Horner, William Hughes

This collection of essays redefines what gothic has become in the contemporary world, examining the idea of an emerging gothic that is inextricable from the broader global context in which it circulates. Globalgothic expands the horizons of the genre in diverse new and exciting ways.

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