Islamophobia Awareness Month Reading List

Posted by Rebecca Mortimer - Monday, 1 Nov 2021


Islamophobia Awareness Month is taking place throughout November and we’ve put together a reading list featuring new and backlist titles from MUP.

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I Refuse to Condemn


I refuse to condemn highlights how in times of national security a culture of condemnation is expected of people of colour that sits at the heart of structurally racist systems. This collection catalogues the ways in which scholars and activists experience and resist this expectation.

The War on the Uyghurs


This is the first account of one of the world's most pressing humanitarian catastrophes. Revealing how China has used the US-led War on Terror as cover for its brutal suppression of the Uyghur people, it provides a lucid and far-reaching analysis of a cultural genocide, while allowing the voices of those caught up in the tragedy to be heard.

The securitisation of Islam


This book is a timely analysis of the securitisation of Islam in the US and an original contribution to securitisation theory by introducing the notion of 'indirect securitising speech acts' and the role of emotions and affect in securitisation studies. It is an innovative approach to Islamophobia, everyday racism and security.

Islam in British media discourses


This book describes how non Muslims use the news to inform themselves about Islam and Muslims. It does so by exploring how media institutions function in society and how its practices affect the production of images and symbols about Muslims and Islam, as well as their influence on audiences.

Burning the veil


During the Algerian War the French army engaged in the 'emancipation' of Muslim women, to subvert the nationalist movement while inflicting widespread violence. This contradictory, catastrophic policy, as in contemporary Afghanistan and Iraq, revealed the failure of imposed Westernisation and triggered an Islamist backlash against women's rights.

The free speech wars


This book is a timely intervention into the apparently growing culture wars around free speech as a political and social issue. These debates take form on university campuses, social media, mainstream press and elsewhere. The book will focus on the weaponisation of the concept in these areas, as well as providing a strong historical and comparative context.

Britain's rural Muslims


This book exposes the benefits of shifting academic attention away from the major conurbations of Muslim settlement, and reveals how a more rural county with relatively small Muslim populations also has a role to play in wider debates on Britain's multicultural society.

Foreigners, minorities and integration


Explores the arrival and development of Muslim immigrant communities in Britain and Germany during the post-1945 period through the case studies of Newcastle upon Tyne and Bremen

Counter-radicalisation policy and the securing of British identity


Offering an innovative account of Britain's counter-radicalisation policy, Prevent, this book provides a timely analysis of the UK's response to the threat of 'homegrown' terrorism.

Go home?


An important intervention in one of the most heated issues of recent decades, this book investigates government campaigns to demonstrate toughness on immigration, and the wide-reaching consequences for migrants and citizens alike. engaged research.

Anti-racist scholar-activism


This book focuses on anti-racist scholar-activism in the margins of universities in the United Kingdom. The book raises questions about the future of Higher Education in the UK, and shines a spotlight on those academics who are working within, and often against, their institutions.

Religion, regulation, consumption


This book explores the emergence and expansion of global kosher and halal markets with a particular focus on the UK and Denmark.

Secularism, Islam and public intellectuals in contemporary France


This book examines the thought of Abdennour Bidar, MalekChebel, Leïla Babès, AbdelwahabMeddeb and Dounia Bouzar. In doing so it investigates how these five figures allcontribute in their diverse and varying ways to broader understandings of therelationship between Islam and secularism in contemporary French society.

Understanding Political Islam


Looks at how the rise of political Islam has been expressed: first in the Arab world, then in its interactions with French and Western societies, and finally in its interactions with other European and Western societies.

Islamic charities and Islamic humanism in troubled times


This book is the fruit of twenty years' reflection on Islamic charities, both practically and as a key to understand the crisis in contemporary Islam. On the one hand Islam is undervalued as a moral...

Descending with angels


This book and award-winning film provide a unique account of the invisible dynamics of possession and psychosis, and how Muslim patients are transformed through the treatments offered by mosques and the psychiatric institutions of European nation-states.

Writing British Muslims


Examines contemporary literary representations of Muslims by British writers of South Asian Muslim descent, including Salman Rushdie, Hanif Kureishi, Monica Ali and Nadeem Aslam

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