Women on the move – new series from MUP

Women on the move – new series from MUP

Posted by rhiandavies - Wednesday, 27 Mar 2024


Manchester University Press is proud to announce the launch of a new series: Women on the Move.

This transdisciplinary series aims to shine a light on the diverse experiences of women in migration processes, transcending historical and contemporary boundaries to offer a comprehensive exploration of this complex phenomenon.

Migration has always been a pivotal aspect of human history, yet the narratives often overlook the unique experiences of women. Women on the Move seeks to rectify this by providing a platform for scholars to delve into the multifaceted stories of female migrants from various perspectives, time frames, and geographical locations.

At the heart of this series lies the mission to deconstruct the sexist stereotypes that have long overshadowed the history of migration. By amplifying the voices of women migrants, the series endeavours to unveil both their agency and resources, as well as the vulnerabilities and challenges they face in their migration journeys. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches, Women on the Move aims to present a nuanced understanding of women’s migration experiences.

Our series invites authors to develop multifactorial perspectives, revealing how gender shapes migration and, in turn, how migration shapes gender dynamics. By unpacking these complex relationships, Women on the Move seeks to contribute to broader discussions surrounding gender equality and social justice.

Whether it’s exploring historical migrations or contemporary movements, each book in the series offers a unique perspective that contributes to a richer understanding of this global phenomenon.

Stay tuned for our upcoming releases and join us in amplifying the voices of migrants.

You can visit the series page for Women on the move here. For inquiries about submissions or more information, please contact contact Meredith Carroll (Humanities) or Shannon Kneis (Social Sciences).

Four headshots of the women on the move series editors

Introducing the new editorial board for Women on the move

‘I am delighted to join as a series editor of Women on the Move, a new interdisciplinary series at Manchester University Press. In launching this series with my fellow editors, I am excited to champion leading scholarship on female migration and mobility from across a broad range of disciplines. With a background in social and economic historian of early modern Britain and its relationship with the wider world, my research interests lie in pre-industrial histories of women’s work and mobile lives. I particularly welcome proposals from historians working on this time period and within these fields.’ 

Dr Charmian Mansell, Series editor, University of Cambridge

As a historian of women’s migration, it’s my pleasure to join the series as co-editor. Women were written out of the history of migration until the 1980s and their stories and experiences must now be brought to light if we want to better understand migration rationales. Hence, I welcome proposals that give a voice to women migrants and reflect lesser-known aspects of gender and migration. I’m particularly interested in works that show both women migrants’ specific constraints as well as their empowerment through migration, and their roles as key actresses of the construction of sending and receiving nations.

Marie Ruiz, Series editor, Université de Picardie Jules Verne

It has been a pleasure to be part of the team of editors for the Women on the Move. Past and Present Perspectives series. The editorial team is a place of immense intellectual freedom and learning on the subject of women and migration.  The subject of unveiling the presence and multiplicity of experiences of women in migration processes is very important from a historical point of view and is, at the same time, at the core of contemporary debates. As an anthropologist specialising in the field of colonial and post-colonial migration in North America, Brazil and France, I would like to receive proposals from authors who work on these themes in the context of imperial and post-colonial studies, but also on the role of women in intra-European migration and in responding to the challenges arising in our current societies.

Sonia Ferreira, Series editor, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

“I look forward to working with this wonderful editorial team and am excited for the new scholarship in the field.”

Cecilia Menjívar, Series editor, University of California

Books in the series

Women in exile in early modern Europe and the Americas
Edited by Linda Levy Peck and Adrianna E. Bakos

The elementary structuring of patriarchy
Edited by Menara Guizardi

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