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Manchester University Press is committed to publishing Open Access books. You can find all our Open Access content on our Open Access platform, manchesteropenhive.

Our Open Access policy:

Book Type

Monographs and edited volumes can be published Open Access. Typically textbooks, handbooks, readers or reference works will not be published Open Access.

Please contact the relevant commissioning editor if you are unsure which category your book falls under.


DRM free PDF and EPUB available from manchesteropenhive and OAPEN as well as other formats required by the OA funder.

A print version will be made available for customers and readers to purchase.


Recommended licence: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND).

We are happy to consider other licence requests. Please contact to discuss.

More information on Creative Commons licenses can be found here.

Inclusion of third-party material

We prefer material (photographs, diagrams, etc.) that is already available under a CC licence or copyright owned material that is permitted to be reproduced under the same CC licence as the intended book.

We can include non-CC licenced material if the copyright owner is clearly stated in the caption with a note that material cannot be reused without permission.

Book processing charge

£9850 (+VAT 20% UK) for up to 120,000 words.

This price includes up to 20 images. In some circumstances, extra charges may apply. Colour images can be used in digital editions on request, but black & white only for print.

Open Access chapters

Individual chapters can be published Open Access within non-OA books. The Chapter Processing Charge (CPC) is calculated based on the proportion of the chapter to the total manuscript (based on the entire word count of the final version submitted, inclusive of notes and apparatus). For example a 10,000 word chapter in a 100,000 word manuscript is 10%. The CPC is therefore 10% of the £9,850 BPC, which comes to £985. The price of the ebook will also be reduced by the same percentage (for example from £80 to £72).

Conversion to Open Access

If you would like to convert your already-contracted or already-published MUP book to Open Access, please contact your editor.

Interested in Open Access books publishing?

If you are interested in publishing an Open Access book with Manchester University Press, or have questions on Open Access book publishing, please contact the relevant subject editor.


Manchester University Press is committed to providing wide dissemination of research through sustainable Open Access models. We offer authors both Green and Gold Open Access options, enabling them to make their work accessible and take advantage of rigorous peer review and high production values.

Green Open Access:

Authors can self-archive the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) of their article on their personal or departmental website, or in an institutional or a non-commercial subject repository. The AAM is the version of the article that has been peer reviewed, revised and finally accepted by the Editor, before MUP has undertaken copyediting, typesetting or any other production related changes to the manuscript. This version can be made available after the Publisher’s version (Version of Record or VoR) of the article has published online. The VoR cannot be uploaded to a website or repository unless the author has opted for the Gold OA option. The author is responsible for ensuring that no third-party copyright restrictions are infringed.

AAMs made available should include a citation of the published article and a link to the abstract page of the VoR (use the DOI if known), for example:

The definitive, peer-reviewed and edited version of this article is published in:

[Author(s)], [year], [Title of article], [Journal], [Volume number]: [Issue number], [page number]–[page number], DOI:

© [year] Author(s). Published by Manchester University Press.

The Submitted Manuscript (SM) may be made available online whenever the author chooses. Ideally this should be replaced by the AAM after publication. SMs made available on websites or in repositories should be accompanied by a prominent statement that the article has been submitted to the journal.


As part of the 2021 REF (Research Excellence Framework) policy, if an author is based at a UK research institution and wishes to submit their article to the REF assessment, they will need to make a ‘closed deposit’ of their AAM to their institutional repository (IR). For their work to be eligible for the next REF, they must make this deposit to their IR at the point that their article is accepted for publication by the journal Editor (or at the latest within 3 months of acceptance of your article). For more information on HEFCE’s REF Open Access policy, see here.

To make a ‘closed deposit’, as defined by HEFCE, authors should deposit the AAM and information about the article (such as the article title, abstract, keywords, author name(s) and journal title) to their Institutional Repository. Initially only information about the article should be visible on the repository. Once the final the VoR has published online, the deposit can be ‘opened’, with the AAM visible on the repository.

Gold Open Access:

Authors can publish Gold Open Access articles in our subscription-based, hybrid journals as part of our optional MUP Open programme. The Version of Record is made permanently free to access immediately upon publication on our platform, for an article processing charge (APC), and under the terms of a Creative Commons Licence.

Our Article Processing Charge (APC) is available on application. Payment will be due after the article is accepted for publication and must be received before publication.

To discuss the details of OA publishing and MUP Open in any of our journals please contact the MUP Journals Manager: Meredith Carroll, [email protected]


Chapter self-archiving options

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