Film, TV and Media

British Film Makers

The aim of this series is to present in lively, authoritative volumes a guide to those film-makers who have made British cinema a rewarding but still under-researched branch of world cinema. The intention is to provide books which are up-to-date in terms of information and critical approach, but not bound to any one theoretical methodology. Though all books in the series will have certain elements...

Cinema Aesthetics

Since the 1970s, many academics and teachers have been taking the study of film out of film studies by producing curricula and critical literature hostile to notions of artistic endeavour and aesthetic value. An old heresy is a new orthodoxy, and the argument that the cinema exists solely to illustrate the politics of culture, identity and pleasure is no longer an argument; it is now a ‘core...

French Film Directors

To an anglophone audience, the combination of the words 'French' and 'cinema' evokes a particular kind of film: elegant and wordy, sexy but serious – an image as dependent upon national stereotypes as is that of the crudely commercial Hollywood blockbuster, which is not to say that either image is without foundation. Over the past two decades, this generalised sense of a significant relationship...

Lund University Press

Lund University Press publishes high-quality and rigorously peer-reviewed books in the Humanities, Theology and Social Sciences. The press was set up in 2015 to bring world-wide exposure to important research produced at Lund University. In collaboration with Manchester University Press, who produce, market and sell our books, Lund University Press publishes a couple of volumes a year. All are in...

Spanish and Latin American Filmmakers

This series offers a focus on new filmmakers; reclaims previously neglected filmmakers; and considers established figures from new and different perspectives. Each volume places its subject in a variety of critical and production contexts. ...

The Television Series

Television is part of our everyday experience, and one of the most significant aspects of our cultural lives today. Yet its practitioners and its artistic and cultural achievements remain relatively unacknowledged. The books in this series aim to remedy this by addressing the work of major television writers and creators. Each volume provides an authoritative and accessible guide to a particular...

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Manchester University Press

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