Contemporary Issues in Bioethics, Law and Medical Humanities

Includes internationally respected works on bioethics and the humanities. The series focuses on the strong foundations and reputation of the University of Manchester's world-leading scholars in bioethics, and its internationally respected Centre for Social Ethics and Policy and Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation. It includes publications from across the humanities, brought to bear on...

Critical Labour Movement Studies

The purpose of this series is to give a platform to those students of labour movements who challenge, or develop, established ways of thinking and so demonstrate the continued vitality of the subject and the work of those interested in it.

Critical Powers

Critical Powers is dedicated to constructing dialogues around innovative and original work in social and political theory. The ambition of the series is to be pluralist in welcoming work from different philosophical traditions and theoretical orientations, ranging from abstract conceptual argument to concrete policy-relevant engagements, and encouraging dialogue across...

European Politics

The European Politics series seeks to tackle the biggest issues facing Europe in the twenty-first century. ...

Geopolitical Economy

Geopolitical Economy promotes fresh inter- and multi-disciplinary perspectives on the most pressing new realities of the twenty-first century: the multipolar world and the renewed economic centrality of states in it. From a range of disciplines, works in the series account for these new realities historically. They explore the problems and contradictions, domestic and international, of capitalism....

Humanitarianism: Key Debates and New Approaches

This landmark series offers a fresh interdisciplinary reflection on one of the most important and yet understudied areas of history, politics and cultural practice: humanitarian aid and its responses to crises and conflicts. Now firmly established, the series brings into salient perspective the boundaries and methodologies applied to the study of humanitarian relief and so-called ‘humanitarian...

Identities and Geopolitics in the Middle East

After the Arab Uprisings and the ensuing fragmentation of regime– society relations across the Middle East, identities and geopolitics have become increasingly contested, with serious implications for the ordering of political life at domestic, regional and international levels, best seen in conflicts in Syria and Yemen. The Middle East is the most militarised region in the world, where...

Issues in Environmental Politics

This series takes key problems for environmental policy and examines the politics behind their cause and possible resolution.

Key Studies in Diplomacy

The volumes in the series seek to advance the study and understanding of diplomacy in its many forms. Diplomacy remains a vital component of global affairs, and it influences and is influenced by its environment and the context in which it is conducted. It is an activity of great relevance for International Studies, International History, and of course Diplomatic Studies. The series covers...

Melland Schill Studies in International Law

Originally associated with the Melland Schill Lectures at the Manchester International Law centre, this prestigious series brings together the very best scholarship, carefully curated by leading experts. Each volume tackles major issues and current developments in the field, and the series has moved beyond its earlier iterations to become a home for exceptional academic work from around the...

New Approaches to Conflict Analysis

New approaches to conflict analysis promotes the development of new theoretical insights and their application to concrete cases of large scale conflict.

New Perspectives on the Right

The series publishes the best and most innovative titles on the politics of the right, drawn from the fields of sociology, history, cultural studies and political science and stimulate debate across disciplinary boundaries. It is not limited in historical coverage or geographical scope, but is united by its concern to critically interrogate and better understand  the history, development,...

Pocket Politics

Pocket politics presents short summaries of complex topics on socio-political issues both in Britain and overseas. Academically sound, accessible and aimed at the interested general reader, the series will address a subject range including political ideas, economics, society, the machinery of government and international issues. Authors are encouraged, should they choose, to offer their...

Political Ethnography

The Political Ethnography series is an outlet for ethnographic research into politics and administration and builds an interdisciplinary platform for a readership interested in qualitative research in this area. Such work cuts across traditional scholarly boundaries of political science, public administration, anthropology, social policy studies and development studies and facilitates a...

Politics Today

Definitive, accessible and comprehensive, the Politics today series sets the standard for introductory textbooks. Key titles British politics today – the Essentials – Bill Jones Scandinavian politics today – David Arter Irish politics today – Neil Collins

Reappraising the Political

The series is interdisciplinary in approach, seeking new inspiration from both traditional sister disciplines and from more recent neighbours such as literary theory and cultural studies.

Rethinking Borders

Crossing to the other side has many meanings, depending on what is crossing, where, when and why. Yet it always involves borders: there can be no other side without a marker between the sides, something that gives the sense of a difference between here and that other place. Equally, refusing to cross, or refusing to accept the crossers, also requires a marker between different sides. ...

Social and Political Power

Power is one of the most fundamental concepts in social science. Yet, despite the undisputed centrality of power to social and political life, few have agreed on exactly what it is or how it manifests itself. Social and Political Power is a book series which provides a forum for this absolutely central, and much debated, social phenomenon. The series is theoretical, in both a social scientific and...

Theory for a Global Age

Globalization is widely viewed as a current condition of the world, but there is little engagement with how this changes the way we understand it. This series addresses the impact of globalization on the social sciences and humanities. Each title focuses on a particular theoretical issue or topic of empirical controversy and debate, addressing theory in a comprehensive and interconnected manner....

Understanding Politics

The Understanding Politics series accessibly and comprehensively covers the A/S and A level politics syllabuses of the main UK examining boards.

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