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About the series

Since its launch in 2014, the blog Progress in Political Economy (PPE)—available at—has become a central forum for the dissemination and debate of political economy research published in book and journal article forms with crossover appeal to academic, activist and public policy related audiences.

Now the Progress in Political Economy (PPE) Book Series with Manchester University Press provides a new space for innovative and radical thinking in political economy, covering interdisciplinary scholarship from the perspectives of critical political economy, historical materialism, feminism, political ecology, critical geography, heterodox economics, decolonialism and racial capitalism. We welcome manuscripts that realise the very best new research from established scholars and early-career scholars alike that emphasise:

  • the contestations and radical ruptures of capitalist exploitation and appropriation with a focus on transformative alternatives beyond capitalism;
  • the appropriation of non-human nature within the epoch of the Anthropocene / Capitalocene;
  • the role of social reproduction and gendered unpaid labour as a crucial pillar of capitalist value creation;
  • the centrality of race to the history and ongoing generation of capital accumulation necessitating a decolonisation of political economy frames of analysis;
  • the multi-scalar dimensions of social movements and grassroots organisations contesting the expansion of capitalism;
  • the production of space across the urban and rural divide through circuits of capital and its expression and resistance in architecture, literature, art and culture;
  • the constitution of non-capitalist spaces (e.g. the commons), including indigenous economic formations;
  • the transnational conditions of labour struggles from the shop floor to digital platforms, their diverse institutional expressions;
  • the subsumption of capitalist production to financial and asset/debt-based logics and new terrains of exploitation, crisis and contestation;
  • the contradictory transformations of neoliberal capitalism and the rise of authoritarian neoliberalism and fascism;
  • the history of economic thought encompassing its pluralist, radical and heterodox traditions;
  • the production of new axes of inequalities of income, wealth and risk within systemic and unfolding processes of uneven development;
  • the new contours of monetary, fiscal, social and environmental policy being enacted at multiple scales by national, regional and city governments, central banks and other domains of state investment and regulation; and,
  • the transformative role of new technologies, the merger between technology and finance, and new forms of oppression through surveillance capitalism.

The PPE Book Series combines the reputations and reach of the PPE blog and MUP as a publisher to launch critical political economy research and debates. Readers can get immediate access to posts by authors and excerpts from books on the PPE blog, and have opportunities to review and debate books in online roundtables.

Andreas Bieler (School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham)

Gareth Bryant (Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney),

Mònica Clua-Losada (Department of Political Science, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley),

Adam David Morton (Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney), and

Angela Wigger (Department of Political Science, Radboud University, The Netherlands).

This team provides rich intellectual and geographical reach and interested authors seeking to publish in the book series, or review published books, should contact any of the managing editors and/or the Commissioning Editor at MUP Robert Byron.

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