Beyond devolution and decentralisation

Building regional capacity in Wales and Brittany

By Alistair Cole

Beyond devolution and decentralisation
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  • Publish Date: Jul 2013
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    • Format: eBook
    • ISBN: 978-1-8477-9624-0
    • Published Date: July 2013
    • Series: Devolution


    Beyond devolution and decentralisation compares the politics, policies and polity-building dynamics of devolution in Wales and decentralisation in the French region of Brittany. Empirically, the book draws conclusions from in-depth fieldwork within two regions and reports the findings of a comparative public opinion survey. Theoretically, it contributes towards our understanding of the comparative study of regions. Perhaps most impressive is how the case studies generally are based on, but also cast light back, to the nuanced theoretical framework on regional capacity established at the outset.

    The book uncovers the dynamics of devolution in Wales and decentralisation in Brittany through extensive face to face interviews: over 200 interviews were carried out from 2001 to 2004, a formative stage in the development of the devolved institutions in Wales and a period of expectation in Brittany as well. The book will be of interest to the professional research community and to practitioners in Britain, France and beyond, as well as to students on comparative politics, British/Welsh politics, French politics, European studies and public policy courses.


    1. Regional capacity building in Europe
    2. Comparing France and the United Kingdom
    3. Wales and Brittany: history, politics, society
    4. Devolution and polity building in Wales
    5. Decentralisation and political capacity building in Brittany
    6. Political institutions, public and elite opinions in Wales and Brittany
    7. Policy communities, public policy and policy learning in Wales and Brittany
    8. Regional political capacity in Wales and Brittany


    Alistair Cole is Professor in European Politics at the School of European Studies, Cardiff University

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