What makes a good political speech?

What makes a good political speech?

Posted by Chris Hart - Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016



What makes a good political speech?

We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run down.
Aneurin Bevan

Great political orators all subscribe – whether intentionally or not – to a number of communication tactics that elevate their message above the commonplace and connect with our values as well as inspire us into, at worst, contemplation but preferably identification with the speaker and possible future action. Throughout the years, the Labour Party have been blessed with passionate and erudite politicians who know how to captivate an audience with their mix of fiery rhetoric and empathy for the working man and woman.



Labour orators from Bevan to Miliband provides an accessible, as well as comprehensive, account of some of the best Labour orators, from Bevan to Wilson to Kinnock to Blair to Miliband, exploring in detail their methods and approach to public speaking, communicating their message and generating a response. The book is now available at a 50% discount (until August 2016) if you use the Summer16 code when purchasing the book through the website (click here for further instructions: how to claim the 50% discount)




PS. If you’re still interested, here is our opinion on what make a good political orator


1.  Cast iron beliefs


2. Courage to back your opinion


3. Integrity


4. Passion


5. Performance


6. The ability to stay focused

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