Melland Schill Studies in International Law

About the series

Originally associated with the Melland Schill Lectures at the Manchester International Law centre, this prestigious series brings together the very best scholarship, carefully curated by leading experts. Each volume tackles major issues and current developments in the field, and the series has moved beyond its earlier iterations to become a home for exceptional academic work from around the world.

Many of the works previously published under the name ‘Melland Schill monographs’, have become standard references in the field, such as General AVP Rogers’ exposition of law on the battlefield; Anthony Carty on the decay of international law; Professors Hilary Charlesworth and Christine Chinkin on feminism and international law; Professors Vaughan Lowe and Robin Churchill on the law of the sea; Nigel White on the law of international organisations; and Professor L.C. Green on the law of armed conflict.

Under the stewardship of new editors and published in a variety of digital editions as well as in print, this venerable series has been given renewed vigour.

On the history of the Melland Schill series:

In her will Miss Olive B. Schill of Prestbury, Cheshire, left a bequest to The University of Manchester in memory of her brother, Edward Melland Schill, who died in 1916 during World War 1. The income generated by this bequest was initially used to produce and publish a series of public lectures dealing with international law.
The Melland Schill Lectures, 1961—1974

Professor Ben Wortley organised this series of distinguished lecture(er)s, including Professor Quincy Wright on the role of international law in the elimination of war; Professor Robbie Jennings on the acquisition of territory; Sir Ian Sinclair on the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties; and Professor Dan O’Connell on the influence of law on sea power. On Professor Wortley’s retirement, his successor, Professor Gillian White, decided to replace the lectures with a monograph series, published by Manchester University Press, as this would allow the authors to develop their ideas more fully then they could in “five or so public lectures”.

Series editors: Dominic McGoldrick (University of Nottingham), Iain Scobbie and Jean d'Aspremont (Manchester International Law Centre)

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